The [redacted documents] that can bring down Obama and defeat ISIS-declassify the 28 PAGES!

Lyndon LaRouche, when briefed on the attacks in Paris, immediately focused on the British sponsorship of terrorism, and the need to impeach Barack Obama. He said that the immediate response in the U.S. should be an all-out mobilization of citizens to force Congress to declassify 28 Pages of the 9/11 Commission Report which detail Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks on the United States.  We need you to join us in that mobilization.

LaRouchePAC has been involved in an almost decade-long campaign to declassify the 28 Pages, working with both sides of the aisle.

“This is where we push,” LaRouche stated Monday, putting his entire U.S. organization on alert to lead the fight for immediate declassification. As former Senator Mike Gravel has emphasized, it only takes one Senator or Representative, using the Constitution’s speech and debate clause, to officially read the pages into the Congressional record. As we have emphasized, the implications and leads which follow from the declassification will lead to the President’s impeachment.

We need dedicated citizens to apply pressure to congress. If we work together, our calls, emails and faxes into congressional offices DO make a difference. Please see the bipartisan work we’ve already participated in.

Call 800-929-7566 to learn how you can help.

Global Ramifications

The Paris attack, “was global in nature,” LaRouche said. It is intended to have global ramifications not just ramifications in France. Among the ramifications, if not immediately addressed, are new police state measures and a strengthening of right wing fascist networks throughout Europe. It is coming from the British, LaRouche said, “because they own the Middle East,” spawning the Salafist networks now operationally implicated in the attack.  These are the same networks which have been sponsored In Egypt, Libya, and Syria by the Anglo-Americans under Bush and Obama, the same networks employed by the British, the Saudis, and the Obama administration in terrorist destabilization operations internationally.  Obama has never been anything other than a British agent “inserted into the Presidency of the United States,” LaRouche emphasized.

We need your help and support in this mobilization. Contact your Congressman or Senator and demand that the 28 Pages be declassified. Call us at 800-929-7566 to discuss how you can help in this mobilization and to report on your activities.

Thank you,, Editorial Staff

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