Its the British Empire, Stupid!


November 23, 2015

With Brussels in a second day of lockdown, in anticipation of another major Islamic State terrorist attack on the scale of the Nov. 13 massacres in Paris, attention is increasingly turning to the fact that the hub of jihadist terrorism is actually located in the heart of Europe.  Brussels, the capital of both NATO and the European Union, is now being referred to as Brusselstan, just as London has long been referred to as Londonistan, because of the fact that virtually every jihadist, narcoterrorist, and separatist terrorist organization has been housed, protected, and financed by the British Monarchy.  Recently, the British government dropped all charges against an alleged jihadist weapons smuggler, because his defense attorneys pointed out that the same groups he was accused of arming were being overtly backed by British intelligence’s MI6.

This is an old story.  London has been at the center of world terrorism for decadesExecutive Intelligence Review provided a dossier to the U.S. Department of State in 2000, calling for Great Britain to be put on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.  The dossier was based exclusively on evidence provided by governments around the world, including Russia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Colombia, and Peru, showing conclusively that the British Crown was harboring the world’s worst terrorists as part of the system of Empire.  The biggest British banks, starting with HSBC (formerly the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, of Opium Wars infamy), are the world’s most notorious drug money laundering institutions, as recently documented by the United States Senate.

It is the British Crown, as well, that has deployed Knight Commander John Schellnhuber to capture the Pope and the Vatican to the idea of radical population reduction, based on the scientific swindle of man-induced global warming.

Every atrocity committed by President Barack Obama—from his drone-kill mass assassinations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, to his overthrow and cold-blooded murder of Qaddafi in Libya, creating a zone of chaos, terrorism, and failed states across much of North Africa and the Middle East, to the decimation of the conditions of life for the vast majority of Americans—can be laid at the doorstep of the British Crown. Obama is nothing but a British agent, who was selected by the British to be installed as President of the United States, on behalf of the Crown and the City of London.

After the Paris atrocities, it is becoming transparently obvious to a growing number of thinking people that the Islamic State is a creation of Obama and the British.  Al Qaeda was created and nurtured by the British, the United States, and Saudi Arabia during the 1980s, who collectively assemble a gang of terrorists from jails throughout the Arab and Islamic world, to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan.  In 1985, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a virtual member of the Bush Family, joined with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to launch the Al Yamamah barter arrangement, under which a $100 billion offshore slush fund was established to covertly arm Al Qaeda and other terrorist outfits. In 2001, Bandar deployed some of those Al Yamamah funds to bankroll the 9/11 hijackers to take down the World Trade Towers and strike the Pentagon.

If you want to understand why British agent Barack Obama has refused to declassify the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, you must start from the top down, with this account of how the British and Obama created Al Qaeda and, more recently, the Islamic State.  Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Michael Flynn has openly reported that President Obama armed the Syrian rebels out of Benghazi, and continued to do so because it was the Administration’s policy. DIA documents from the summer and autumn of 2012 detailed the joint British-American operations from Benghazi to smuggling ports in rebel-held areas of Syria.

Lyndon LaRouche bluntly told colleagues on Sunday, Nov. 22, that you have to eradicate the British Monarchy or there is no solution to the Syria war or any other global hot-spot.  Unless the British Empire is brought down, we are facing global war against Russia and China, leading to the extermination of much of mankind.  Barack Obama is a British agent, selected by the British to be President of the United States. We must sink the British Empire and all it represents or we will face accelerated horror shows around the globe.

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