Gaddafi Mourned Throughout Africa Posted by Jacob Freeze at 10:58 am
November 2, 2011

“Muammar Al-Gaddafi’s death last week prompted an outpouring of sympathy from African countries that he has funded billions of dollars with during his 42-year rule.”

“The Associated Press reported that many in Africa are remembering the Libyan dictator as a man willing to give his money away to help others, especially in Mali’s capital city Bamako.”

“Other heads of state just drive past here in their limousines. Gadhafi stopped, pushed away his bodyguards and shook our hands,” said bird-seller Cherno Diallo, standing Monday near a Libyan-funded hotel as quoted by the Associated Press. “Gadhafi’s death has touched every Malian, every single one of us. We’re all upset.”

“Many in Africa who gathered at Gaddafi-funded mosques remembered him as a man who was an anti-Imperialist martyr and benefactor. Analysts estimated that Gaddafi had invested more than $150 billion in foreign aid, mainly to impoverished African nations.”

Sean Fenley has also posted an excellent blog about Colonel Gaddafi on Open Salon…

16 Things That Libya Will Never See Again

All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.

Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free.

If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.

If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.

The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.

Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.

Now Libya has been reduced to rubble by Obama and his NATO playmates, and what were by far the most extensive social welfare programs in all of Africa have been erased as if they never existed.

My Comment:  Evil, pure evil!


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