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Weimar Germany was pushing all sorts of perversion. It was the first country that did transsexual surgery. Whores, prostitutes, adultery, etc. was commonplace and popular in the media. The German people weren’t reproducing.

The Nazis got rid of all of this, reversed it and pioneered space flight, created the highway system, got rid of their private central bank & replaced it with one owned by the public, and pioneered jet propulsion.

Real history may not be convenient or PC. It’s also true and not filled with lies like the popular version of history. The Germans certainly made grave mistakes under Hitler, but a lot of his social policies corrected the systemic issues facing Weimar Germany at the time, the same systemic issues that the US is facing.

Consider this: your ideal form of government is basically what Hitler and the Nazis created. Small government, perversion not endorsed by the media, high family creation, limited divorce, private enterprise & science encouraged…

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