We’re Living in Nazi Amerika and We’re All Gonna Die!!!


The Nazification of Amerika

O’Bamacare is very similar to the Nazi T4 Health Program Complete With “Death” Panels.

Nazi’s had Hyperinflation just like our Quantitative Easing and Excessive Money Printing Will Lead to Hyperinflation.

USA has become completely militaristic—are there many other jobs besides trucking, healthcare, and going into the military?

Reichstag event was 9-11 and it was true Terrorism but the 28 pages if released, will prove it was an INSIDE JOB!

NATO Is a World Military just like Nazi Germany was trying to take over the World with the Nazi military.

Nazi Germany had all kinds of freebies:  healthcare, education, loan to start household, food stamps, clothing, housing-does this sound like free cell phones, section 8 housing, WIC, free clothing from charities, etc?

To pay for all the above freebies some Germans were paying up to 80% of taxes on wages and some Americans are easily hitting the 50% mark.

Nazi’s wanted unarmed population/Amerika wants an unarmed populace. Then came gun registration.

Gestapo spying in Nazi Germany.  Stasi type spying by Homeland Security here.

Research at universities virtually stopped in Nazi Germany and it has been almost completely defunded here.

We have a HOLOCAUST Of Aborted babies and their body parts are being SOLD FOR PROFIT BY PLANNED PARENTHOOD-this is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!  (59 million abortions) (eugenics disguised as The Right to Choice)

In Mein Kampf Hitler writes:   

“The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring. . . represents the most humane act of mankind.

Satanists have a right to put up a Satanic Statue next to 10 Commandments and Satanists demand the rights to aborted fetuses

for their horrific Satanic Rituals.  Don’t forget the Nazi’s were into the “Black Occult” at Wewelsburg Castle!!!



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