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‘It’s the untold and often hidden history which underpins many of today’s proxy wars, conflicts and the horrific activities of death squads the world over.

The strategic dispensing of narcotics in the military theater and in guerrilla warfare is more common than many people realize. In many cases this is the X-factor that fuels the mayhem and terrorizes vulnerable bystanders on the ground.

Aside from the traditional problem of substance abuse by the US military and others, drugs have played a pivotal role in many recent conflicts and tend to be a feature where US military and covert intelligence are involved. Narcotic trafficking and use by military has been well-documented in US-backed wars in Vietnam and Central America, specifically with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Columbia (to name only a few), and also with NATO’s 21st century opium boom in Afghanistan, other NATO narco wars like Yugoslavia, as well as countless CIA-linked conflict zones featuring death squads in Iraq, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Rwanda and Angola.’

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