Mind Control Technology Torture

In Book Two of the “Mind Control Technology” book series, the author details very personal experiences surrounding abuse and victimization by military and law enforcement using real time surveillance and highly advanced, patented, influence technology, as extremely low frequency technology (ELF) called psychological electronic or “psychotronic” on her covertly hoping to substantiate false allegations. When the manipulative effort failed resulting in this explosive tell-all book, the physical and psychological effort escalated as attempts to prevent publication and the author’s living Hell around the clock by non-ionizing radiation inside her home. It appeared that those spearheading “The Program” were attempting to make good on the promise, by repeated threats, that if she did not stop publication she would suffer the consequences. And, the consequences could be deployed with ease from one of the approximate 120 state-of-the-art fusion / intelligence centers across our country today, unseen or detectable or as close as a neighbor’s residence. Little known today, various advanced, highly perfected technologies are being used globally such as patented Synthetic Telepathy also known as the “Hearing Voices” effect, mind reading, consciousness altering, etc., along with the capability of subliminal message carrying through communication towers and also satellite Neurophone. These new technologies are being used for manipulation and influencing, physical coercion torture, through microwave Directed Energy Weapons and acoustic weapons. The technological arsenal of today consists of technology which can manipulate thoughts, dreams, create visual holograms, or even stimulate a person sexually, electromagnetically, a new form of covert, legalized, terrorism, and it can be done from any of the numerous state-of-the-art fusion / operation centers miles away through a super computer terminal or as close as portable devices from nearby. With the availability of highly advanced technologies, after well over 50 years of research, testing, and development by the Department of Defense today, operating at all levels of government, law enforcement, the military and contractors, it appears that Big Brother’s agenda has come of age by handheld, portable, land, sea and space based technologies and the weapon system first publicized during the Reagan era of the 80’s as the Strategic Defense Initiative then fondly called “Star Wars.” This technology is no joke and is here to stay. It is no longer science fiction but today, science nonfiction. This book is a wake-up call in awareness and a testimony to the strength, courage, and endurance of one woman and her fight for her life, justice against the odds, and her effort to expose the heinous, covert, immoral acts, around her by those directing these advancements into her life and the connection to what some believe is the Police State. The Mind Control Technology book series encompasses Book One, “Remote Brain Targeting” detailing the history of research, testing and development programs leading up to full implementation globally, this book as Book Two, and Book Three, “Covert Technological Murder” – “Big Brother Approved!” detailing the capability of the technologies use as instruments of torture and slow kill. A must read and recommended for every household! Knowledge is power and awareness is key!

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