Mind Control Patents

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SEE above attachment listing technologies, patents and descriptions which pre-date 1970’s used to cause people in military, veterans and good and decent citizens to cause self harm or to harm others ….these are also used to wrongfully mis-label others….

PLEASE watch link, PASS this ON LOOKING FOR MEDICAL AND LEGAL HELP TO SAFE THIS CHILD”S LIFE  ……..do you know of any doctors who can help?
This is NOT a rare case, I personally witnessed doctors and nurses inside the military abusing military, despite reporting these criminal abuses, for over 20 yrs I witnessed, endured and reported the abuse, and torture by VA doctors, counselors, and VA regional members to VA directors, and reported criminal fore knowledge of allowed rape and what I have realized was sexual slavery while in the military to two different VA Secretaries to President Bush (43) in person. In 1990’s numerous TV shows did investigative reporting noting an alarming percentage of VA doctors did not and could not pass their medical certification in the US, and therefore got “foreign doctors” who had lower standards, or who had YET to pass their medical licenses in their own countries or others. For over 20 yrs I witnessed and endured the abuse, torture and retraumatization within the VA of veterans who had been raped, gang raped and sex slaves in the military, I was present at briefings and or witnessed as children 18 months on up were allowed to be repeatedly raped, abused, beaten and in some cases killed; and in briefings to those authorities witnessed as no one did a thing to stop these abuses. Legal officers were repeatedly reported these abuses, and not even these people would charge or stop the abuses even when all the elements were present to arrest, charge, prosecute and sentence criminals to a life time…..no one was held. WHY because criminals are running the country and those who stand up to speak out are being brutalized into silence. This is historically documented from President Nixon’s Administration to present…..and the medical profession is NOW attempting to make normal as an alternative life style pedophilia …criminal sex relations with children by adults. One group moving to have this done are republicans and the Catholic Church.
Dorothy Mackey, Rev., B.S., MPA, FCN & A
former USAF Capt and Commander
recovering catholic toddler pedophilia victim to US military Sex Slave via drugs, torture and brutalization (1981-1992, VA torture 1992 – 2011, ongoing abuse 2014)
phone: 330.922.2869
Have you read my article about the man impersonating a doctor at the VA Hospital in DC? I know this will interest you. He allegedly has sex with his 10-yr-old and allows Washington officials to have sex with her in exchange for their help to secure a fraudulent medical license in D.C. and do experiments on U.S. veterans at the hospital. http://dogjusticeformentallyill.blogspot.com/2013/12/child-abuse-claims-against-alleged-va.html
This is, simply put, a heinous way of torturing an innocent child and murdering that child’s soul….the effects will last a lifetime and healing is often difficult if not impossible….this is the most evil crime of all and of course it is endorsed in Satanically evil societies-endorsed or ignored-like this is not a big deal and the “kid should get over it”  or no one cares anyways.  Primitive societies do not allow child rape and the destruction of a child’s soul.  In native societies four warriors would accompany pedophiles into the forest and the pedophile would never be seen again.  They regarded children as sacred…unfortunately looking at what is going on in England and America this is definitely not the case.  Children are disposable in these societies which explains the catastrophic numbers of missing and murdered children and the lack of any public outcry whatsoever.  Our society is become Satan’s Amerika.

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