14-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, Then Bullies Spray-painted “Whore” on Her House


Kali   Sep 7, 2015   |   6:21PM    Washington, DC

It was a cool night in September. One  of the last of summer, but you could feel that fall was coming. I snuck out of my parents’ house in my small town to meet a boy I had been talking to on the internet. He was a really nice boy who said he was my age. I knew my parents would never approve. So after they fell asleep, I snuck out.

I never met that boy. Instead, a 66 year old man was waiting for me. He raped me that night. Violently.

I felt scared. Ashamed. Alone.

Eventually I told my parents. I would not have been able to keep my rape a secret for long.

You see, my rapist impregnated me.

I am a pretty small girl and I started to show at 3 months. My family was torn apart. Half of them just assumed I would abort my child. Half of them wanted to support me. The doctors were not so divided.

The very first thing I heard —“there are always opportunities to have other children.” Another doctor told my parents that I was a “wild child” incapable of making any decision about my own baby. It never occurred to any of those doctors that I would do anything other than have an abortion. The police caught the monster who viciously raped me and today he is in jail. But still that man stole my body. And now the doctors were trying to steal my baby!

Even though the life growing inside of me was conceived after the brutality of a monster, I could not bring myself to abort my baby. My parents supported my decision.

The kids at school mocked me mercilessly. When they found out I was having a boy, they told me “he will grow up to be a rapist too.” One even told me that my son was going to rape me. Another time a boy cornered me and told me he would show me “what rape really was.” My parents took me out of school. Still the kids would not leave me alone.


We woke up one morning to see “WHORE” and “PROSTITUTE” spray painted on our house. For a while it seemed like everything in life was spiraling completely out of control. And then I found CHOICES4LIFE. It’s an organization run by someone who was conceived in rape. Juda Myers’ mom was raped by 8 men and she said her mom had felt the same way I did. She put me in touch with other women who had been raped and kept their baby.

Most people make you feel like you are crazy when you decide to keep a child conceived through rape. But when you are raped and decide that the life inside you deserve to continue and it’s not that baby’s fault, people look at you like you’ve lost your mind. Even worse, some people start to doubt that you were really raped at all!

If it wasn’t for CHOICES4LIFE I don’t think I would have ever heard a supportive word except from my immediate family. Just to know that other people had dealt with the same horrific thing and have come through it okay was what I needed more than anything. And for people to believe me.

But CHOICES4LIFE didn’t stop there. I had a very difficult pregnancy. I was on bed rest 16 weeks into my pregnancy. I went into labor 8 different times and my precious baby boy was born 2 weeks early. He had to be put into the neonatal intensive care unit. (NICU) where he clung to life. My insurance only paid for half of the costs of the NICU and my family and I simply couldn’t afford to pay the rest. Juda through CHOICES4LIFE helped out with thousands of dollars for the medical bills.

My parents poured their life savings into keeping their first grandson alive in that NICU. One month, they couldn’t pay the heating bill. CHOICES4LIFE paid the bill! I will be forever thankful to them. Today my baby boy is a happy healthy boy. He’s a normal toddler and everyone he meets loves him too. He’s always smiling.

I included a picture of him because I wanted you to see how beautiful he is. Everyone–the doctors, the kids at school, even some of my family– assumed I would never want to see this life. They couldn’t imagine how his smile lights up a room. Everyone truly loves my little boy.

He never did anything to me. Today and everyday he brings me a joy that words just can’t describe. I thank God I didn’t listen to all of those people who would have denied me that AND denied my son’s life. I thank God CHOICES4LIFE was there to support me in my decision. There are many more like me who want to give birth but are getting attacked. Please help stop this prejudice. Speaking from my heart I know even in the case of rape life is beautiful and my son is beautiful. No one can tell he was conceived in rape by looking at him. So let’s end the attitude towards these babies and the moms. We deserve to be loved like anyone else.

Moms deserve to see that #LIFEWINS and see the smile on their baby’s face,that brings light into a world that can sometimes seem so dark.

LifeNews Note: Kali writes for Choices4Life, based in Humble, Texas.

Sexually abused minor treated horrendously by her community-I am sure she was treated worse than her rapist, the 66 year old criminal who lured her in with his nice boy con job-his ruse.  Rapists use ruses and con jobs and are “oh so nice” at first, until they have cornered their chosen victim-usually a tiny girl who they know they can overpower cuz at heart they are cowards like the community bullying this young girl.  She was terrorized by the school bullies and I’m sure the school administration sat on their fat asses and did nothing.

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