US & Canada’s Mass Murder of 65 Million People

WAYNE MADSEN : Holocaust Of Native Americans: 65 Million And Counting

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The genocide continues unabated, and especially in Alaska
WAYNE MADSEN REPORT By Wayne Madsen 08/17/2015

When it comes to holocausts of a people, the multi-century genocide of the Native Americans of North and South America ranks as the largest in human history.

The Smithsonian Institution’s Native American museum on the Washington, DC Mall proclaims that 65 million Native Americans died from genocidal practices of Western colonizers from the time of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas in 1492 to the 19th century.

From the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, Native Americans were depopulated by the purposeful introduction of diseases and forced famine, non-native diseases causing epidemics, forced migration, and warfare. Certain groups that believe they hold some sort of copyright on the use of the terms “holocaust” and “genocide” have downplayed the extermination of the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere. For example, Jewish Holocaust scholar Guenter Lewy has dismissed the genocide of the Native Americans as not a crime against humanity but simply a “tragedy.”

For the Native Americans who continue to fight for their rights, some guaranteed by international treaties signed between nations like the United States and Canada with so-called “Indian nations,” what became of their peoples and way of life is not a mere “tragedy,” as apologists for colonialism and genocide against peoples of color like Lewy would have people believe. If one were to believe that the crimes against the Native Americans constitute genocide, then there is every reason to believe that the crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people are also genocide. 

Lewy, and he is by no means alone in his beliefs, also discounts the genocide of the Armenians by the secular Young Turks, the Roma people by the Nazis, and the Cambodian people by the U.S.-supported Khmer Rouge regime. Those who rewrite history in order to gloss over the crimes against the Native Americans have succeeded by exercising tight control over book publishing, print periodicals, television, and Hollywood’s production of fiction and non-fiction films, as well as historical documentaries.

One person who understood the holocaust exacted against the Native American was the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. He was one of a rising number of Latin American leaders of native ancestry who opposed the hemisphere-wide celebrations of Christopher Columbus. Matched against the newly-emerging native American power movements in Latin America, including the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and the Aymara Indian movement championed by President Evo Morales of Bolivia, is a United States that continues to celebrate a holiday in honor of Columbus, an Italian mercenary in the employment of the Spanish crown whose mercantilist brigands brought forth in the Western Hemisphere a six hundred year holocaust.

Some people in the United States want, at the very least, to celebrate October 12 as a dual-holiday: Columbus Day for those who want to celebrate the exploits of a genocidaire, and, as it is celebrated in Venezuela, a “Day of Indigenous Resistance” for those who want to remember the Holocaust of the native Americans. It is also important to note that for Africans, Columbus is also remembered as a slave trader employed by the Portuguese monarchy.

Today, the United States “celebrates” the native Americans by naming its sports teams “Washington Redskins” (Andrew Jackson, who graces the twenty dollar bill, and his army skinned native American males from the waist down and fashioned pants from their skin, i.e. “redskin pants”) and “Cleveland Indians” (with the racist logo of bucked tooth native American). As Americans are treated to historical revisionism about the genocide of the Native Americans, the Jewish owners of the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians make handsome profits from their obscene continuance of Native American images and themes steeped in racism.

For some Americans, Native American reservations, themselves nothing more than a United States version of apartheid South Africa’s “Bantustans” for blacks, are now gambling meccas. Convicted Republican Party lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who employed every unscrupulous business tactic he could think of to maximize his profits from lobbying for Indian gaming and casinos, called his native American clients “monkeys” (his name for the Choctaw tribal council), “troglodytes,” “morons,” and “mofos.” Abramoff, who is Jewish, was a strong backer of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government and he even raised money for illegal West Bank settlers to purchase military equipment to be used against Palestinians.

President Chavez told the press in New York in 2009 that he once served as a Venezuelan military officer with a mission sent to Guatemala. There, he witnessed the local Guatemalan Special Forces, the School of the Americas-trained Kaibiles, boasting of their massacres of the native Mayan Indians. Chavez said he then realized that those were “my people” being killed by the Guatemalan military. Chavez said he vowed that the Native American people would no longer be subjected to such brutality and as President of Venezuela, Chavez made common cause with those Latin American leaders and groups that fought the neo-imperialism directed against the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

And it is no coincidence that the only country in the Americas that is named after Columbus is Colombia, a narco-fascist-run nation that hosts seven U.S. military bases, courtesy of Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.

It is also no coincidence that the Guatemalan Special Forces who massacred the Mayan Indians were supported by surveillance computers provided by the Israeli intelligence contractor Tadiran. During the 1980s, military hardware and weapons were supplied to Guatemala for the massacre of native Mayans – which the Guatemalans and Israelis called “pacification.” The other chief providers of the tools of genocide to Guatemala were Israel Military Industries (IMI), which supplied war planes, armored vehicles, and helicopters, and Eagle Israeli Armaments and Desert Eagle, the latter owned by a former Israeli paratrooper with ties to the Mossad.

Also during the 1980s, Israeli merchants of death also made their way into Honduras and El Salvador where military equipment and training was provided to government-led “death squads.” In Honduras, the Israeli firm Tahal set up electronic border and road barriers that were used to track many native peoples believed to be “enemies of the state.” Among the chief victims of the genocide meted out in Central America, were native peoples of the two countries, as well as those of Nicaragua.

“Mainstream media” corporate outlets continue to ignore ongoing Native American genocide while portraying them as third-class citizens 

The United States continues to rely on a colonialist contrivance known as the “Bureau of Indian Affairs” to stymie the sovereignty and treaty rights of the Native American tribal nations. In Canada, the Stephen Harper government has waged a war on its “First Nations,” trying to roll back native land rights in favor of multinational oil and mining companies.

The United States, as shown by its willingness to imprison and harass leaders of the Lakotah Sioux tribe and others, has spit in the face of the 1832 ruling by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in the case Worcester v. Georgia. Marshall ruled that “Indian Nations have always been considered as distinct, independent political communities, retaining their original natural rights, as the undisputed possessors of the soil…” The very term “nation” so generally applied to them, means “a people distinct from others.”

The United States continues to flout international law by restricting the sovereignty rights of the 562 federally-recognized tribes. There are more tribes but Washington determines what is and is not a recognized tribe. In 1973, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Marshals’ Service illegally invaded the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation belonging to the Oglala Sioux Nation of South Dakota. Leaders of the American Indian Movement were illegally prosecuted by federal authorities. Such aggression against the Native Americans has been repeated around the United States and Canada.

Although their numbers are small after the multi-century Holocaust waged against them, Native Americans, especially those of the United States and Canada, deserve to be heard at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. No longer should the shameful history of the Holocaust of 65 million human beings, who for centuries had been considerate stewards over the land of the Western Hemisphere, be drowned out by the Native American Holocaust deniers.

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen

Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues.

Here is another holocaust involving AIM (American Indian Movement) Activists: 

AIM Casualties on Pine Ridge, 1973-1976

4.17.73-Frank Clearwater-AIM member killed by heavy machine gun round at Wounded Knee. No investigation.4.23.73-Between eight and twelve individuals (names unknown) packing supplies into wounded Knee were intercepted by Goons [Guardians of the Oglala Nation] and vigilantes. None were ever heard from again. Former Rosebud Tribal President Robert Burnette and U.S. Justice Department Solicitor General Kent Frizzell conducted unsuccessful search for a mass grave after Wounded Knee siege. No further investigation.

4.27.73-Buddy Lamont-AIM member hit by M16 fire at Wounded Knee, Bled to death while pinned down by fire. No investigation.

6.19.73-Clarence Cross-AIM supporter shot to death in ambush by Goons. Although assailants were identified by eyewitnesses, brother Vernal Cross-wounded in ambush-was briefly charged with crime. No further investigation.

4.14.73-Priscilla White Plume-AIM supporter killed at Manderson by Goons. No investigation.

7.30.73-Julius Bad Heart Bull-AIM supporter killed at Oglala AIM supporter killed at Oglala by “person or persons unknown.” No investigation.

9.22.73-Melvin Spider-AIM member killed Porcupine, South Dakota. No investigation.

9.23.73-Philip Black Elk-AIM supporter killed when his house exploded. No investigation.

10.5.73-Aloysius Long Soldier-AIM member killed at Kyle, S.D. by Goons.No investigation.

10.10.73-Phillip Little Crow-AIM supporter beaten to death by Goons at Pine Ridge. No investigation.

10.17.73-Pedro Bissonette-Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) organizer and AIM supporter assassinated by BIA Police/Goons. Body removed from Pine Ridge jurisdiction prior to autopsy by government contract coroner. No investigation.

11.20.73-Allison Fast Horse-AIM supporter shot to death near Pine Ridge by “unknown assailants.” No investigation.

1.17.74-Edward Means, Jr.-AIM member found dead in Pine Ridge alley, beaten. No investigation.

2.27.74-Edward Standing Soldier-AIM member killed near Pine Ridge by “party r parties unknown.” No investigation.

4.19.74-Roxeine Roark-AIM supporter killed at Porcupine by “unknown assailants.” Investigation open, still “pending.”

9.7.74-Dennis LeCompte-AIM member killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

9.11.74-Jackson Washinton Cutt-AIM member killed at Parmalee by “unknown individuals.” Investigation still “ongoing.”

9.16.74-Robert Reddy-AIM member killed at Kyle by gunshot. No investigation.

11.16.74-Delphine Crow Dog-sister of AIM spiritual leader Leonard Crow Dog. Beaten by BIA police and left lying in a field. Died from “exposure.” No investigation.

11.20.74-Elaine Wagner-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by “person or persons unknown.” No investigation.

12.25.75-Floyd S. Binais-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

12.28.74-Yvette Loraine Lone Hill-AIM supporter killed at Kyle by “unknown party or parties.” No investigation.

1.5.75-Leon L. Swift Bird-AIM member killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. Investigation still “ongoing.”

3.1.75-Martin Montileaux-killed in a Scenic, S.D. bar. AIM leader Richard Marshall later framed for his murder. Russell Means also charged and acquitted.

3.20.75-Stacy Cotter-shot to death in an ambush at Manderson. No investigation.

3.21.75-Edith Eagle Hawk and her two children-AIM supporter killed in an automobile accident after being run off the run by a white vigilante, Albert Coomes. Coomes was also killed in the accident. Goon Mark Clifford identified as having also been in the Coomes car, escaped. Investigation closed without questioning Clifford.

3.27.75-Jeanette Bissonette-AIM supporter killed by sniper at Pine Ridge. Unsuccessful attempt to link AIM members to murder; no other investigation.

3.30.75-Richard Eagle-grandson of AIM supporter Gladys Bissonette killed while playing with loaded gun kept in the house as protection from Goon attacks.

4.4.75-Hilda R. Good Buffalo-AIM supporter stabbed to death at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

4.4.75-Jancita Eagle Deer-AIM member beaten and run over with automobile. Last seen in the company of provocateur Douglass Durham. No investigation.

5.20.75-Ben Sitting Up-AIM member killed at Wanblee by “unknown assailants.” No investigation.

6.1.75-Kenneth Little-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. Investigation still “pending.”

6.15.75-Leah Spotted Elk-AIM supporter at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

6.26.75-Joseph Stuntz Killsright-AIM member killed by FBI sniper during Oglala firefight. No investigation.

7.12.75-James Briggs Yellow-heart attack caused by FBI air assault on his home. No investigation.

7.25.75-Andrew Paul Stewart-nephew of AIM spiritual leader Leonard Crow Dog, killed by Goons on Pine Ridge. No investigation.

8.25.75-Randy Hunter-AIM supporter killed at Kyle by “party or parties unknown.” Investigation still “ongoing.”

9.9.75-Howard Blue Bird-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

9.10.75-Jim Little-AIM stomped to death by Goons in Oglala. No investigation.

10.26.75-Olivia Binais-AIM supporter killed in Porcupine by “person or persons unknown.” Investigation still “open.”

10.26.75-Janice Black Bear-AIM supporter killed at Manderson by Goons. No investigation.

10.27.75-Michelle Tobacco-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by “unknown persons.” No investigation.

12.6.75-Carl Plenty Arrows,Sr.-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by “unknown persons.” No investigation.

12.6.75-Frank LaPointe-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

2.76-Anna Mae Pictou Aquash-AIM organizer assassinated on Pine Ridge.. FBI involved in attempt to conceal cause of death. Ongoing attempt to establish “AIM involvement” in murder. Key FBI personnel never deposed. Coroner never deposed. [depose-to remove from power…to testify or bear witness, especially on oath in court]

1.5.76-Lydia Cut Grass-AIM member killed at Wounded Knee by Goons. No investigation.

1.30.76-Byron DeSersa-OSCRO organizer and AIM supporter assassinated by Goons in Wanblee. Arrests by local authorities resulted in two Goons-Dale Janis and Charlie Winters-serving two years of five year sentences for “manslaughter.” Charges dropped against two Goon leaders, Manny Wilson and Chuck Richards, on the basis of “self-defense” despite DeSersa having been unarmed when shot to death.

2.6.76-Lena R. Slow Bear-AIM supporter killed at Oglala by Goons. No investigation.

3.1.76-Hobart Horse-AIM member beaten, shot, and repeatedly run over with automobile at Sharp’s Corners. No investigation.

3.26.76-Cleveland Reddest-AIM member killed at Kyle by “person or persons unknown.” No investigation.

4.28.76-Betty Jo Dubray-AIM supporter beaten to death at Martin, S.D. No investigation.

5.6.76-Marvin Two Two-Aim supporter shot to death at Pine Ridge. No investigation.

5.9.76-Juia Pretty Hips-AIM supporter killed at Pine Ridge by “unknown assailants.” No investigation.

5.24.76-Sam Afraid of Bear-AIM supporter shot to death at Pine Ridge. Investigation “ongoing.”

6.4.76-Kevin Hill-AIM supporter killed at Oglala by “party or parties unknown.” Investigation “still open.”

7.3.76-Betty Means-AIM member killed at Pine Ridge by Goons. No investigation.

7.31.76-Sandra Wounded Foot-AIM supporter killed at Sharp’s Corners by “unknown assailants.” No investigation.

It should be noted that, using the preliminary figure of only 61 homicides of AIM members and supporters during the same period, researchers Bruce Johansen and Roberto Maestas, in their book “Wasichu:The Continuing Indian Wars (New York:Monthly Review Press, 1979, pp. 83-4), arrived at the following analysis of its implications: Using only documented political deaths, the yearly murder rate on Pine Ridge Reservation between 1, 1973 and March 1, 1976, was 170 per 100,000. By comparison, Detroit, the reputed murder capital of the United States, had a rate of 20.2 per 100,000…An estimated 20,000 persons were murdered in the United States during 1974. In a nation of 200 million persons, a murder rate comparable with that of Pine Ridge between 1973 and 1976 would have left 340,000 persons dead for political reasons alone in one year; 1.32 million in three…The political murder rate at Pine Ridge between March 1, 1973, and March 1, 1976, was almost equivalent to that in Chile during the three years after a military coup supported by the United States deposed and killed President Salvador Allende…Based on Chile’s population of 10 million, the estimated fifty thousand persons killed in three years of political repression in Chile (1973-1976) roughly paralleled the murder rate at Pine Ridge

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