Severely Abused Children Become Severely Abusive Adults

Corrections and the convicted sex offender

On a given day about 234,000 offenders convicted of rape or sexual assault are under the care, custody, or control of corrections agencies. About 60% of these sex offenders are under conditional supervision in the community.

Rape and sexual assault offenders account for just under 5% of the total correctional population in the United States:

  • Among 906,000 offenders confined in State prisons in 1994, 88,000, or 9.7%, were violent sex offenders.
  • Since 1980 the average annual growth in the number of prisoners has been about 7.6%. The number of prisoners sentenced for violent sexual assault other than rape increased by an annual average of nearly 15%–faster than any other category of violent crime and faster than all other categories except drug trafficking.
  • While the average sentence of convicted rapists released from State prisons has remained stable at about 10 years, the average time served has increased from about 3 years to about 5 years; for those released after serving time for sexual assault, the sentence has been a stable 6 years, and the average time served grew about 6 months to just under 3 years.
  • Rapists and sexual assaulters serving time in State prisons were less likely to have had a prior conviction history or a history of violence than other incarcerated violent offenders, though they were substantially more likely to have had a history of convictions for violent sex offenses.
  • Sexual assault offenders were substantially more likely than any other category of offenders to report having experienced physical or sexual abuse while growing up.
  • Violent sex offenders were substantially less likely than other violent offenders to have committed their crime with a weapon; however, rapists were about as likely as all violent offenders to report having used a knife.
  • In two 3-year BJS follow-ups of samples of felons placed on probation and of felons released from prison, rapists had a lower rate of rearrest for a new violent felony than most other categories of offenders convicted of violence. Yet, rapists were more likely than others to be re-arrested for a new rape.


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    Frequency of Sexual Assault Statistics

    Reporting Statistics

    98% of Rapists Never Spend a Day in Jail!  Demonocracy = Freedom for Rapists Who Now Dominate Our Judicial System!

    Senator Schaffer started out exposing this in her state of Georgia, eventually she went nation wide on CPS’s role in pimping these children, and finally was working on an international movement world wide to stop this crime from continuing unabated.   She and her husband were then killed.  Now we have David Icke also investigating this crime and being interviewed by Alex Jones.

    Pedophilia is an integral part of Satanic rituals practiced by the Satanists in come cases, daily, in other cases on a regular basis that could be weekly etc. They even do it to their own children.  Now, how sick is that?  And always its done at someones home who is already a practicing satanist. We got a signed sworn affidavit that we put up from Andre Levays son who witnessed just such acts as a child and he was the son of the Head and creator of the Church of Satan in America.  Presently there are over 900,000 childen missing just in America, which does not include those missing globally.

    They are kidnapped and sexually molested in satanic ritual and then if they are not murdered for their blood, they are then sent to international sex prostitution rings around the world to other satanic covens to be used in the same way.  I remember back in the 80’s under Bush Sr, when there were 189,000 children missing and we had posters all over the country, milk cartons with childrens faces on them, and news programs trying to find these kids.  Now we  have 7 times that many and NOTHING…..  is happening to retrieve these kids.  WHY?

    We answer that question and we then have the big picture.   This is a Satanic New World Order that is being set up and our children are being destroyed in the process, both sexually and educationally.   They will make adults that will do as they are told by the elite and not rebel in anyway.   These children will grow into adults more insane than their abusers, which is pretty bad.

    Once pedophiled, the adult of that child, becomes an abuser himself or herself, thus they turn either gay or pedophile, and added to abortions, then reduces the number of children born, contributing to maintaining the Georgia guidestone target of a half a billion population on the planet.  And the process continues getting worse each generation.
    Profile of Rapists:

    The Criminal

    • The average age of a rapist is 31 years old.2
    • 52% are white.2
    • 22% of imprisoned rapists report that they are married.2
    • Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses.2
    • In 1 in 3 sexual assaults, the perpetrator was intoxicated — 30% with alcohol, 4% with drugs.3
    • In 2001, 11% of rapes involved the use of a weapon — 3% used a gun, 6% used a knife, and 2 % used another form of weapon.2
    • 84% of victims reported the use of physical force only.2
    Rapists are more likely to be a serial criminal than a serial rapist.

    46% of rapists who were released from prison were re-arrested within 3 years of their release for another crime.4

    • 18.6% for a violent offense.
    • 14.8% for a property offense.
    • 11.2% for a drug offense.
    • 20.5% for a public-order offense.


  • Rapists are violent criminals often under the influence.  This is an obsessive, violent crime and these perpetrators use their marriages to hide behind.  Once convicted, they use their wives names to get apartments because clearly they cannot sign a lease because they are too much of a liability to a landlord.  Rape is an obsession and compulsion much like any other addiction.  Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)
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  • Statistics from RAINN 

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