Hostel Movie Based on Nefarious Real Torture For Entertainment in Thai

The truth behind ‘Hostel’ has its roots not in the lands of Eastern Europe, but in the side-open spaces of Thai villages, where organized crime syndicates rule and poverty forces residents to part with family members for excessive amounts of money. These people are then transported to cities, where the rich and the weirdly psychotic gamble to see how long their victims survive being tortured. From this game, a deeper one evolved, where people started paying exorbitant amount of money to torture and kill these victims.  The ones paying exorbitant amounts of money are the “elite” which includes filthy rich businessmen, monarchy, politicians, etc.

Lake and Ng, the pair of serial killers in California were also producing snuff videos and the truth has never been released to main stream media what exactly did happen.  For certain violent snuff porn has the same elite market as the market for those who want to actually do the tortures and killing.  Many Satanic cults produce and sell violent snuff porn as well as prostituting children, dealing drugs, etc.

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