George Soros, Royalty Child Killing Rituals

Not Surprisingly Amnesty International, a George Soros Funded Group Backed Off of Investigating These Child Murders. for the multitude of Soros Funded Organizations.

Soros also funded O’Bama to power who made all the right promises and then reneged on every single one of them…Soros funded Alexis Tsipras, PM of Greece who promised voters no more austerity and now has caved in to the banks….planned all along…..any candidate funded by Soros…beware of them!!  Soros is a part of the Satanic elite Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and Depopulation is part of the Agenda and this conscienceless mob is totally, utterly ruthless as can be seen by the brutal austerity cuts in Greece. has very good information on Geopolitics.

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