The Wikileaks Documentary-Full Version

War is Crime and how many cover-ups does the U.S. need under the National Security Act?  Blood on Our Hands.  Julian Assange is a Hero!  Has the U.S. No Shame and No Conscience?  The U.S. Has Become the Land of Mordor-Drugged-Up, Insane Murdering in Foreign Countries-Do These Drugged Up Soldiers Come Home and Become the Multitude of Sadistic, Serial Killers Exploding in the U.S.A?  WAR IS CRIME!  The U.S.A. Has Become a Monster!  Why Investigative Reporters and Hacktivists Are SO Important.  The Two RAPE ALLEGHATIONS are a Set-Up By CIA HONEYTRAP…who else would bother to research Swedish law so thoroughly and calculatedly plan this set-up?  Note to military:  if you have a conscience you don’t belong there….Uncle Sam Only Wants hard core Psychopaths.


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