Eyes Wide Shut Filmed at Rothschild Mansion

An Orgy of Satanic Ritual is Depicted here. Sean Stone: “The Eyes Wide Shut Parties Are Real.” Stanley Kubrick refused to delete scenes in Eyes Wide Shut and shortly thereafter he was dead and the scenes deleted which clearly depict orgies at the Rothschild Mansions. These are the degenerates that run our world worth $500 trillion in charge of NWO plans. Be Aware. They control the IMF, World Bank, US Senate and House of Representatives, US Propaganda Media, Healthcare in the USA and Hollywood. Degeneracy is marketed as normal in Hollywood and the Satanic symbolism is everywhere in MTV and rock stars videos like: Ke$ha, Rihanna, JayZ, BeyoncĂ©, etc. This is the evil Rothschild Khazarian Mafia which was previously kicked out of Russia.

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