CIA Did Hallucinogenic Drug Experiments on Sexual Psychopaths at Same Time Interval Henry Lucas Was Incarcerated There


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December 22, 2016
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September 9, 2010
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August 6, 1977
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/09/09: CIA-RDP90-00806R000100500071-7 STAT CIA Drug Subjects it Ion Izb,nted BY PAUL MAGNUSSON Fret Press Staff wrt`er The CIA is attempting to lo- cate 142 mental patients from the former Ionia State Hospital who were the subjects of exper- imentation with ISD and mari- juana derivatives in a CIA- sponsored program. The experiments, revealed in documents released this week by the CIA. were conducted from 1957 to 1969 on patients classified as sexual psycho- paths under a now-repealed law Patients at the hospital never were told of the experiments. in which the subjects were given the drugs while being interrogated by doctors. “We’re trying to locate the victims to Inform them and ad- vise them of their rights and possibly make restitution,” a CIA spokesman said Friday. All those judged criminally insane were once sent to the Ionia State Hospital, which was run by the Department of Corrections. The program .:der which saxual. psycho- aths were coinwitted without trla: .: ne c. dad in the late 1960s, and the hospital was closed in 1975. One of the drug program’ – researchers. Dr. John G. Hearer, said Friday that the CIA had not told him it was about ;o release information on the experiments. Dr. ltaarer. now a general practitioner in Sarasota, Fla.. said the victims of the experl- r. nts were committed and se- lected “through legal chan- nels.” He identif led Dr. Perry Rob- ertson, now deceased, as the chief researcher. He declined to comment further. DETROIT FREE PRESS 6 August 1977 RECORDS OF the Depart- i ment of Mental Health show’ that Haarer was medical super- intendent of the hospital during two years when the experi- ments were conducted. \ CIA documents indicate that subjects were selected from those committed through the Detroit Recorder’s Court psy- chiatric clinic and that some state judges may have been in- formed of the program. Miciiigan supreme Co!irt Tastier. G. Mennen Williams, who was governor during the time of the drug experiments, -aid Friday that he could not recall being informed of the project. Charles Wagg, director of the Department of Mental Health during the experiments. said Friday that he had not known of the CIA program. MRS. SHIRLEY Vaughn, di- rector of the Recorder’s Court clinic. said employes from the era of the CIA experiments are either retired or dead. No program. code name4,w1,IK-, Ultra, identify the project man-1 ager as Dr. Alex Canty, now dead. Canty reportedly corre- sponded with the CIA through a double envelope mailing scheme using a pseudonym. The experiments at Ionia were one of 149 projects at 80 U.S. and Canadian universities, hospitals, research founda- TH; NA-.t S of researc..ersl in the projecis and the names ut the non-government institu- tions were generally tint made public but were given to ,fhe Senate panels. This was done, according to a CIA spokesman. “to avoid potential embarrassment to those who were involved.” The experiments were funded through the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology Inc., a CIA front pre- tending to study criminal be- havior. Iu fact, according to the re- leased documents, the CIA’s in- tention was “to exploit the re- search potential that is represented by 142 criminal sexual psychopaths(who) have the hind of motivation for tint- , bolding certain Information that is comparable to opera- tional interrogation situations in the field-” This meant, apparently. that mental patieniswho haad some- thing to hide were surrogates for CIA agents who might be+ captured and interrogated by the,enemy with drugs s’: e=ar to LSD. tions, drug firms and prson3,j according to CIA Director’ – Stansfield Turner. The purpose of MK-Ultra was to determine the ways in which human behavior can be ‘controlled thj ough drugs, hyp- notism and psychological tor- ture. Turner, in testimony before a joint session of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a Senate human resources sub- committee, said he finds such experiments on humans “to, .tally abhorrent:’ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/09/09: CIA-RDP90-00806R000100500071-7

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