Why You Should Avoid Paying Taxes As Much As You Can

  1.   Crooked D.A.’s are letting violent criminals loose on the streets endangering everyone’s safety especially in Chicago.
  2.   Corruption in California leading to stores closing making it more difficult for working people to obtain goods and services they need as looters loot the stores (legally) making it unprofitable for stores to even exist!
  3.   Rapists let loose in Society as well as violent pedophiles many of whom are NEVER prosecuted.
  4.   Tax money used for wars.
  5.   Gov’t waste of your tax dollars.
  6.   Gov’ funding illegals into America with open border policies and giving them each $2200 on debit cards but many Americans are living in poverty and even have to hire lawyers to get social security that they have EARNED.

These are only a Few of the reasons you should avoid paying taxes as much as possible.  Our gov’t has been highjacked by a Crime Syndicate and they are wasting all the money you pay in taxes like drunken sailors.  While these crooks n criminals waste taxpayer dollars children go to bed HUNGRY in Amerika every night!  It is Sickening!  We would all be better off not paying taxes to crime rings and instead using the money to buy food for a struggling family.  Congress answers to their donors.  Period.

AOC Admits Congress is Afraid of AIPAC

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