A Real Independent Congressional Candidate Has Filed 70,000 Signatures With the New York State Board of Elections

patricia —

On Tuesday May 28th, we filed approximately 70,000 signatures with the New York State Board of Elections, well over the 45,000 requirement.  I want to thank each of the 200-plus individuals who were involved in collecting signatures, from those of you we met on the campaign trail who collected signatures from friends and family, to those of you who sweated, froze, got rained on for day after day to meet the outrageous signature threshold mandated by the State of New York for ballot access for non-major-party candidates and independents such as myself.

Unlike presidential candidates Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Jill Stein of the Green Party, I am proud to say that my campaign did not hire a single “professional petitioner,” but depended on the impassioned support of people like you, who recognize the great moment of decision faced by our nation, and the horrifying consequences of not getting the United States off the trajectory of confrontation with Russia and China, but rather, moving into the paradigm defined by Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Helga, of productive cooperation with the rest of the world based on respect for the sovereignty of each nation and the dignity of humankind — every human, not just particular ones.

Below are photos from the filing in Albany, and here is a video of the reception, including remarks from me and my friend Congressional candidate Jose Vega, who successfully filed over 10,000 signatures last week against a requirement of 3,500 to obtain ballot status in NY-CD 15, the district currently misrepresented by Rep. Ritchie Torres, who, like Sen. Gillibrand has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from AIPAC.

If you haven’t yet completed the pre-primary legal donation of $3300, please donate today to help launch the break out phase of the campaign ahead!

— Diane

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