Europe: The Last Battle (America Has Already Lost)

See Film #8.  The Jewish Persecutors of the Germans Exact Their Revenge in Rigged Trials, Confessions by Extreme Tortures and Lies.

Germans Were Persecuted For Not Wanting Communism which is Jewish.  Americans Believe the Skillful, Cunning Liars of their Media.  The absolute truth is that the Jews Accused the Germans of Doing What They Actually DID!  The Persecutors Lied about the Deceived & Persecuted Germans!  The REAL Holocaust were the Germans Raped, Shot, Starved to Death After the War Ended, Etc.  The U.S. being run by Jewish State Department (Synagogue of Satan Crowd) Has Murdered over 30 MILLION and Made Homeless at least 70 Million People.  Can this be why the U.S. is SO HATED?  Guess So!  The Very Clever Satanic Liar Jews have made up Atrocity Propaganda to milk money from gullible people and spread their Satanic Communism.  America has become a Communist Country with Woke Propaganda, Jewish Feminism, Rape Culture Of Pedophilia Rape, Satanism Being Promoted & Christianity Demoted, Promotion of Satanic Convicted Sex Abusers Hosting Reading Hour For Children in Public Libraries, Rothschild Central Banking, Diversity, Holohoax, Jew Run Press, and it goes on and on and on.

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