Tucker Carlson said that Boris Johnson who has previously called Tucker a tool of the Kremlin for simply interviewing Vladimir Putin, wanted $1 million before he’d agree to doing an interview with Tucker.


He doesn’t want to answer questions from Tucker so this was just his way of telling him to pound sand.

BoJo got really upset at Tucker’s interview because he was further exposed for sabotaging a peace deal that had been struck between the Kiev regime in Russia during the early months of the fighting. He basically told the Jew Zelensky that he couldn’t do a peace deal and that the West would fully support him. It is not exactly clear if he threatened Zelensky or just convinced him to abandon the deal. What is clear however is that he interfered in the process.

The end result of this has been over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead and the existence of the Ukrainian state in serious question. The war has only strengthened Russia’s economic and military capabilities. The whole thing is a disaster and BoJo should be held accountable for his actions. He is a major criminal who should be put in prison if not executed for his crimes. Not just over this but over all the COVID-19 insanity he pushed when he was in office.

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