Military Leadership Has Thrown Enlisted Military Under the BUS-No One Should Enlist in the Military

America’s Military Is Damaged By A Lack Of Moral Courage – Whistleblower Wednesday/The Rob Maness Show EP 283

Comment:  All top Military People Are Members of the Cabal which is an organized Crime Syndicate aka the British Empire.  They belong via Secret Societies same as our Presidents.  All are Traitors loyal only to themselves…they are all Compromised on Film/Video by the CIA in orgies or in sex with Young Monarch Slaves Tortured Often to Death by the same CIA who considers them Expendable.  CIA controls all branches of the Military and considers all enlistees Expendables.  No regard for Human Life whatsoever.  The Mask is now off.  The British-Israel-United States Axis comprise the Evil Empire.

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