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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suffers assassination scare: Armed man is detained at campaign rally

Comment:  The Crime Cabal is known as the JEWISH MAFIA or British Empire.

The man claimed to be part of his security detail

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Meg Kinnard, AP

Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a security scare on Friday evening as he attended an event with the Hispanic community in Los Angeles, USA.

The politician was in California to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, when an armed man claimed to be part of his security provided by event organizers.

Other members of the security detail did not recognize the man, who was heavily armed and in protective gear, and detained him until police arrived on the scene.

Following the arrival of police, the unnamed man was then arrested.

According to Breitbart News, the man is now likely to be charged with impersonating a police officer or federal agent and possibly unlawful possession of firearms.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s response to the assassination scare

After the incident, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. himself took to social media to reveal the details of what happened and to also, once again, request a Secret Service security detail.

“I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at my Hispanic Heritage speech at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles tonight,” the politician posted on X after the incident.

“The man, wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID.

“He identified himself as a member of my security detail.

“Armed GDBA team members moved quickly to isolate and detain the man until LAPD arrived to make the arrest. I’m also grateful to LAPD for its rapid response.

“I’m still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection.

“I am the first presidential candidate in history to whom the White House has denied a request for protection.”

History of assassinations in the Kennedy family

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy.

He was born in 1954, so he was nine years old when his uncle was assassinated in 1963 and he was 14 years old when his father was assassinated in 1968.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps in many ways as a lawyer and environmental activist.

He is also the founder and president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit organization that works to protect clean water.

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