Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry needs to investigate Authorities

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry needs to investigate Authorities

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

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By: Johnny Hawk


“Wenonah” in Anishinabemowiin means “The One who Breast Feeds” where she was the daughter of Nookomis- Grandmother. Wenonah was taken advantaged by “Epigishmook” the West Wind four times and conceived. Wenonah was the Mother of Mudjekawis, Pukawiis, Jibayabooz and Nanabush. “Doodem” also in our language means “The Heart of which we belong” in reference to our Family/Clan which is also a word use we for Mother. “Doodosh” is female breast and “Doodoshabo” is the “breast milk” that nourishes us.


Many Anishinabek believe we follow our Father’s Clan yet our language and our stories exemplify that we are a matrilineal people where we must take a deeper look and question how from the effects of on going colonialism we suppress our own power as a Nation.


Women are the most synchronized with the harmonic resonance of Mother Earth who maintain a balance with the Earth where this sacred feminine energy is true power and natural law. Before Colonialism reached the shores of Turtle Island genocidal acts upon women in Europe through “witch hunts” sanctioned by the church sought to suppress this power where today this ongoing war is being waged on women of Turtle Island as well as the earth ultimately where man can claim power and have control over the Earth and its people.


The following exemplifies how the colonial structures are very much the systematic leading cause of these genocidal acts that have been initiated from the collective fraternity of the Vatican, Crown, Governments, Corporations, Military and Police.


Police altercation with First Nations girl in Kenora caught on video weeks before her death

The parents of a 14-year-old from Grassy Narrows First Nation are releasing a video of an altercation between provincial police and their daughter in the weeks before her death.

Azraya Kokopenace disappeared on April 15 after provincial police dropped her off at the hospital in Kenora, Ont. Police won’t say why they picked her up. The teen was last seen leaving the hospital, alone, late at night, according to police. She was found dead two days later in the woods nearby.

Comment:  My guess is the hospital let her out in the wee hours of the night so the Police could pick her up and dispose of her as they don’t want witnesses to testify against the Judge & Politician PEDOPHILES.


The coroner’s office is continuing its investigation into the circumstances surrounding Kokopenace’s death and says it could take months to complete. Here is the link for the video.




Mother of Delaine Copenance beleives she was murdered


Stories of RCMP officers allegedly forcing women into sex acts, and physically assaulting them in Val-d’Or, Quebec

Comment:  I , myself, was told by a Hell’s Angel about Canada’s RCMP Steve[ns] and Dave bringing girls in to Pickton’s Pig Farm where snuff porn was being produced.  He also told me the Police Chief was there along with Senior Politicians and a RAVE party was ongoing.  Shortly afterwards I was kicked out of Canada and threatened with arrest if I returned.  Seemed the police BADLY wanted me OUT.  They knew I was snooping around doing this research.

Here is the link: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-october-27-2015-1.3290171/aboriginal-women-s-ongoing-allegations-of-police-abuse-prove-national-inquiry-needed-1.3290177


The Experiences of Jack Cram and Renate Andres-Auger


In 1994, while fighting a land claim, aboriginal lawyer and activist, Renate Andres-Auger, was dragged out of a courtroom kicking and screaming. She made an explosive claim following an investigation that was backed up by her own lawyer, Jack Cram.


Andres-Auger passed away last year, but Cram is still alive and allegedly as tight-lipped as a mute. He lives somewhere in BC’s mainland and won’t talk about the allegations he and Andres-Auger made in court in 1994. Both of their lives were ruined by what they allegedly uncovered through their own investigations.


Andres-Auger and Cram produced evidence which they allege implicated two BC Supreme Court judges and members of the Law Society in a conspiracy to protect pedophiles. The evidence was a series of photos, eye-witness accounts and documents that supposedly proved the involvement of lawyers, judges and political figures in a pedophile ring operating out of an exclusive and prestigious club in downtown Vancouver.


None of Cram and Andres-Auger findings were ever released to the public, making their claims no more valuable than a rumour. The only things we know to be true, without a doubt, are that both Andres-Auger and Cram were dragged out of a courtroom, disbarred and discredited for their allegations and their pursuit of a potentially corrupt land claim.


The story of Andres-Auger and Cram is worth a look, considering they never had an opportunity to defend themselves in court or in the court of public opinion. Their allegations have often been brushed aside as outlandish conspiracy theories and Cram has been publicly accused of suffering from mental illness.


Andres-Auger and her allegations about child sex trafficking are mentioned in Earth Into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, And Capitalism, by Anthony J. Hall, as they were described by Jennifer Wade of Amnesty International in Vancouver:

“The sex trade in children is not a recent happening in Vancouver. While doing some research for this presentation, I came across the affidavit of a Cree lawyer named Renate Andres-Auger naming prominent legal personalities and the B.C. Law Society for destroying her legal practice and libeling and slandering her (I have a copy of that affidavit listing prominent plaintiffs with me). Renate Auger alleged this happened partly because of her knowledge of pedophile rings operating out of the Vancouver Club.”

-Jennifer Wade


Chief Justices & Corrupt Chiefs: Partners in Crime?

Comment:  Absolutely!

In 1999, one independent BC interior newspaper, The Radical, did report on allegations of an organized sex trade in the Prince George area involving judges, doctors, police, and even band councils. The paper was forced to close down after one of the accused- Ed John, a long time chief of the Tl’azt’en band (near Prince George) and head of the First Nations Summit- launched a lawsuit. Ironically, Ed John was named minister of Child and Family Services in November 2000, just as the allegations against him were becoming public.


For those involved in exposing Ed John and others, his appointment as an un-elected minister “brought to light the extent of official protection of pedophiles in public office and the systemic nature of this crime” (Evidence of crimes against aboriginal children, including pedophilia, Hidden from History.)

Comment:  So Canada’s ELITE HIRED A RAPIST who is now a Convicted RAPIST as an Un-Elected Minister.  See following:

Harrient Nahanee being arrested for protecting Sacred Mountain

Eagle Ridge Bluffs 2007 Harrient Nahanee arrested for protecting Lands


These allegations have been echoed by others over the years, including Squamish elder Harriet Nahanee, who has stated that she saw young Native girls being removed from the reserve to serve as prostitutes for wealthy business men connected to the Vancouver Club. James Craven a Blackfoot and constitutional lawyer has corroborated this story and stated


” It has been alleged with considerable supporting evidence that some of the same forces involved in trafficking young Indian Boys and Girls for the rich and powerful pedophiles are also involved in key aspects of the BC Treaty Commission as well as being involved in using isolated reserves for the landing and distribution of drugs.” (“Reprisals due to exposure of pedophile ring.” Statement by James Craven, Aug 3, 1998)


In 2019 Ed John was charged in B.C with 4 Counts of sex assault dating back to 1974. The Trial is set in a BC Court for summer of 2022.


In 2005 former RCMP officer Gary Stevens plead guilty to sexual assault of an underage Indigenous girl. The allegations were first made in April 2004 when Stevens was a member of the RCMP’s Kitmat BC, detachment


In 2005 two RCMP officers were suspended during an investigation into allegations they were buying sex from young prostitutes in Prince George BC. Lee Lakeman a spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres stated that this was ” just the tip of the iceberg” “referring to Judge David Ramsey”


In May 2004, David Ramsey a BC Provincial Court Judge pleaded guilty to buying sex from and assaulting 4 Indigenous girls aged 12, 14, 15 and 16. These attacks happened in 1992 and 2001. Ramsey was not removed until 2002


Something Darker?

Winnipeg Manitoba is also an epi centre for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and also is the heart of Turtle Island. The Manitoba Legislature is covered with Free Mason Occult Symbolism. The bottom has a place known as the Pool of the Black Star. The Black Star in occultism refers to Saturn in which also Satan is also the personified deity.

Pool of the Black Star at Manitoba Legislature origins from Occult Babylonian Ritualistic Sacrifices

It is no Conspiracy Theory that Political Elite, Police Agencies, Governments and the Church played a role in the abduction, physical and sexual abuse of Indigenous Children in relation to Residential School in which many unmarked graves are now being uncovered. Some Grassroots feel there is a connection of why some Political Elites and Police agencies are not allowed to be investigated in the MMIW Inquiry and feel there is a link on the dark occultism and fraternal orders of the Political Elites, Police Brotherhood.


In an old guidebook to the building titled The Legislative Building of Manitoba published in 1925 and written by Thomas W. Leslie it referenced human sacrifices in a setting such as this in the ancient world, complete with an altar, white-robed worshippers, a victim, a curved knife, and blood trickling through the veins of marble; Interesting for a guide to a building where elected lawmakers work.

#MMIW #AnishinabekNation

The Story of Jack Cram and Renate Andres-Auger



– posted by Steve Kisby
174-1472 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Salish Territory, V5L 3X9
Phone: (604) 322-7934, Fax: (604) 323-0224

Press Release
March 17, 1997

VANCOUVER, Salish Territory — In early 1994 Jack Cram was retained by Renate Andres-Auger, a lawyer and Cree woman, who had challenged the B.C. courts on errors and irregularities of the Delgamuukw case (the Gitksan-Wet’suwet’en case) after Judge McEachern of the Supreme Court of B.C. come down with his trial level decision on the case. She hired Mr. Cram after the Law Society seized her office, books, bank account, and were investigating her without telling her why.

The Law Society of B.C. was attempting to disbar lawyer Renate Andres-Auger. They used a lot of excuses. They seized her accounts and tied it all up with one thing or another and were looking for some kind of excuse in the whole process to close her down. They never were able to come up with anything but they froze her bank account and forced her to close her office.

She had been doing research on the Delgamuukw case and had dug up information that was very damning to the judiciary in that whole process. She had proof that the judge, the crown council, and a couple of the lawyers that were supposedly acting on behalf of the Gitksan-Wet’suwet’en in fact had associations with the same law firm and had conspired to fix the outcome of that “precedent setting” case from the outset.

When Jack Cram saw her evidence and subsequent treatment, he went all out to assist her to uncover more information. Mr. Cram also received instructions from a number of Gitksan Hereditary Chiefs to proceed with a fraud action against both levels of government, the Chief Justice, and Gitksan’s own legal team. Mr. Cram took the information to the court to demand that they release Andres-Auger’s bank account and that she be reinstated as a practicing lawyer. Cram also formally alleged massive corruption, and proceeded to file a number of court actions to address this.

During court proceedings in the Supreme Court B.C. at 800 Smithe Street in Vancouver, on April 26, 1994, they charged Cram with contempt and the Judge asked Cram if he wanted a lawyer to defend him. Cram responded saying Andres-Auger would act as his defense lawyer which she did and did an excellent job. The judge ordered her to keep quite and did not accept her as Mr. Cram’s lawyer which she protested. The judge then ordered her removed and the sheriffs dragged Andres-Auger out of the court and you could hear her thumping down the stairs behind the judge’s bench.

Jack Cram moved into the spectator area where there were over 80 supporters. Cram got right into the middle of the supporters and the Judge kept saying “you come back up here” and Cram said not unless you guarantee that you are not going to grab me and drag me out. Cram said “I’ll go up there but unless you give me that assurance, I’m going to stand here amongst my friends.” At that point the Judge ordered the sheriffs to “go in and drag him out” and when the deputies moved in, Mr. Cram turned to the supporters and said “are going to let them drag me out?” There was no fist fights and no one urge anyone to attach the judge or any of the officials. Other than Mr. Cram being dragged away the same way Andres-Auger was, one supporter, attempting to protect Mr. Cram, blocked the way of two of the deputy sheriffs.

Cops Work For the Criminals

After Mr. Cram was removed, the spectators refused to leave the court and there was a standoff in the courtroom itself. Within minutes there were 18-20 sheriffs in the room and the Vancouver City Police, arrived outside the court house. City police vans where all around and there was about 30-40 police surrounding the court house. The people refused to leave and they were demanding that the judge come back and explain what he had done and why. There were fears that someone may get hurt.

Bill Lightbown, who was present, was able to convince people to leave the courtroom and meet outside the room where there was a larger area and they could decide what they where going to do next. Before leaving the court room, Mr. Lightbown said to the sheriffs “You should be ashamed of yourselves because you know as well as anyone else in there that what happened there was a disgrace and if you expect your children and grandchildren to live in a proper society you should not allow yourselves to be involved in such a thing.”

Outside of the court they put together a small committee which immediately went to Jack Cram’s office which is very nearby. Ms. Andres-Auger was released within an hour and immediately joined the committee in Mr. Cram’s office. From there they contacted another lawyer and requested a habeas-corpus writ to demand Mr. Cram’s release. The justice system, when they heard about this, and after being held for four hours, released Jack Cram.

Mr. Cram and the small committee of supporters worked for about two weeks where they gathered more information regarding the Delgamuukw case and various other actions by the justice system that were coming to light — preparing to return to court. During this time Renate Andres-Auger disappeared and the TV media smeared Mr. Cram, which included remarks by one of Mr. Cram’s associate’s, a lawyer and friend, who cast Mr. Cram in a very bad light. Mr. Cram was willing to defend himself in the media when given the opportunity.

One night at about 11:30 p.m., after finishing a radio interview, Mr. Cram returned home, parked his car, and while walking to his apartment building five policemen emerged out of the bushes and leaped on him. He was put in an unmarked van and as soon as they got him in they “shot him full of something” and he was transported to the psychiatric ward of Vancouver General Hospital — as a “no information” patient. When the committee found out where Mr. Cram was, they had to go to Prince George, some 800 kms away, to find a lawyer who would file a habeas-corpus writ to release Mr. Cram but it was never used as Mr. Cram was again, unexpectedly, released after being held this time for 7 days.

Mr. Cram went directly from the psychiatric ward to a meeting of the committee that was under way at the same time. He was still under the effects of the drugs that had been administered to him up until about two hours prior to his release. But he was able to explain everything that had happened. It was two of his closest associates, one of which was the one who had bad mouthed him on TV, that signed papers to have Mr. Cram committed.

After a trial, the court disbarred him for a year and fined him $10,000. He was bankrupt and had lost his practice. Cram moved to his ranch in Princeton, a community about 130 km north of Vancouver.

According to Judge Gibbs, in making his recent judgment on Dr. Clark’s appeal, said “after [Mr. Cram] received treatment for his paranoid-delusions mental illness, he subsequently dropped all his court cases that he had started in his delusional phase” and one of the conditions for returning to the bar after one year was that he continue to receive psychiatric treatment for that year. Mr. Cram could have been jailed for three months if he didn’t receive the treatment or defaulted on paying the fine.

Comment:  Maybe he shoulda just taken the jail sentence and refused to pay the fine cuz he needed the money, his career was in ruins and he would never work again anyways.  This was a well established lawyer with about 25 years in Real Estate Law.

– 30 –

For More Information, or for copies of documents related to the above, please contact:

Bill Lightbown, phone: (604) 251-4949
Ts’peten Defence Committee, phone: (604) 322-7934, fax: (604) 323-0224

For more information, check out the Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty website:



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