The United States military is asking the public to help locate an F-35 fighter jet that they say vanished.


The F-35 is supposed to be the most advanced fighter jet ever put into service by the US military. How the fuck does it just vanish? What type of bullshit is this exactly? There should be all sorts of tracking mechanisms on these things.

I could ask a million questions about this. It simply defies comprehension that one of these modern fighter jets would just disappear. It is especially incomprehensible when you are dealing with a valuable and new military asset like an F-35.

Accountability and asset management is supposed to be one of the most important aspects of military operations. Yet here we have the US military admitting that they have no idea where one of their expensive F-35s went and is asking the public for tips.

It is worth noting that the F-35 is widely recognized as an overengineered piece of shit. Probably because they had a bunch of women and dumbass diversity hires helping engineer it. But even with that in mind, it is insane that the US military is asking the public for tips because they have no idea where one of them went. This is just another story showing once again how everything is degrading and collapsing.