They are being paid by Soros and read the comments below also for these people are telling you what is really going on. Tucker Carlson is exactly right and this is why they are attacking him. He is telling the truth here. Look at the sleazy way that young guy is looking at that girl (that was probably paid to come because they need to use women and some children as fronts). Pray for those women with children that these radicals paid off with money given to them by Soros and my guess is Clintons and Obama is also in on this.

Mexico has wasted millions in this caravana … my city alone wasted 12 millions on everything from shelter to security for this ungrateful people they provided buses just to get them out of the city since they were disturbing the city and I think every city has done the same … that is what’s passed on to us in the news we don’t even know anymore cuz they are receiving everything from medical to dental even foot massage! New caravanas are being detained in Mexico and deported at the south but a thousands keep coming … news do not broadcast the real thing … only on facebook us Mexicans share footage of the awful things this people do … trust me when I say MoST of them are criminals they only use women and children in the front so we feel pity… Please USA use full force! If they’re not send back to their country they will stay in Mexico and our crime rate will increase … we have enough of that!

I am Mexican and I live in Mexico and I can tell you this caravan was organized by somebody with dark political goals to destabilize the Mexican and American govenments. A lot of them have money to pay for buses and to pay for expensive food and alcohol, a lot of them are smoking weed and are very violent. Most of Mexicans do not want them in Mexico because they are very violent and do not appreciate the food and help we offer to them, and in fact they did throw the food to the floor and attack the mexican police in almost every town they went. The Mexican government is spending a lot of money to feed them and to provide them with medical care and transportation, the United Nations are protecting them and they are basicly untouchable even if they brake the Mexican laws nobody does nothing about it. They will be a huge problem for the USA as well as Mexico if they don’t get deported back to Honduras. They enter illegaly to Mexico and the law is clear to deport people entering Mexico without propper documentation at the border and still I don’t know why the Mexican authorities do not enforce the immigration laws and deport them. They are been protected by somebody powerful. Mexicans are really pissed off about this situation and nobody listens to us. Good luck neighbors, I hope the american authorities do their job and deport them all.

You can go on YouTube and see multiple men, with stacks of cash, handing them out to women. This all happened “immediately” after it was being reported that it was mostly males.The oldest ages being 30 and 35 years old. Next thing you know, women are showing up and some with children. Over 80% are men who should be fighting for their “own” country to make it better for “their” families etc. If they can get together to do this and travel and go through all this hardship why can’t they do that for their own country??

I live in Tijuana and it’s all chaos because of these people, the government and some non political groups provide them food, clothes, asylum but they started to complain, they say that they want another type of Food (that the the food that they grave to them are for the poor), they ask for Nike clothes and brand New clothes , there’s 2 asylums available just for them and they didn’t accept it, in fact, they wanted to stay in playas (the other side of the border where you can see in the video) they slept on the streets because they said that they wanted to wait for the others (inmigrants) to arrive so they can cross the border together (they are around +4,000 people), they provide them medical assistance, they asked (the inmigrants) what they were giving, they said that medical assistance for the children and for them, they got mad because they weren’t giving free stuff and they stole some medical equipment, and I can continue all day. I hope your government do something and deport them back to their country because our government isn’t capable of even take care of us. ( you can check a Facebook page called ALFREDO ALVAREZ to follow the inmigrant situación and whats really going on) have a nice day everybody.

Wow! Their wearing nice clothes and shoes. Somebody is bank rolling these guys to cause trouble.

What strikes me is the arrogance. If in fact you are fleeing oppression, you would not climb the walls and then stand on top as if you were a conqueror. You would gladly approach the checkpoint eager to apply for asylum. Do you see the difference in their demeanor compared to that of the immigrants who arrived generations ago just hoping for a new start no matter the conditions? These people act as if they are entitled to do whatever they want and the world has to let them. This is proof of their real intent. Not to come for refuge but to come and take what others have built. There is no gratitude for the possibility of a new start, merely the arrogance of the entitled who don’t want to build something for themselves.

There are trained terrorists (some are women!) in the group. To blindly let ANY OF THEM in our country is dangerous!!! The idiots and fake reporters claiming this is an innocent, harmless caravan of people wanting a better life is part of the evil behind this. Why aren’t they accepting asylum from Mexico?? I didn’t see any strollers and only a few women in these clips. Where are they??? If anything bad happens to those poor children, they can blames themselves. That’s on them, not the USA. God Bless Trump. God Bless America.

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