Traficant Was an Honest Politician So Served 7 Years in Jail & Died a Very Suspicious Death

Comment:  Sean Hannity is an Israel/Zionist SHILL and is just muddying the Waters.  ISRAEL’s MOSSAD WAS involved in 9/11 so Hannity is lying about this.  Israel is created by Rothschild’s of the British Empire.  Israel is a part of the British Empire.  I liked Traficant.  We need more like him! A Foreign Entity Controlling the United States is TREASON!  Listen carefully…..Traficant was 100% correct!  We only have political prostitutes left in D.C. and Traficant CARED About his country.

About his very suspicious death….Tractors don’t just flip over…I have lived on a farm.

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