Looks like Russia might be moving to unblock Twitter.


Several high-ranking Russian officials have suggested unblocking Twitter after the social media giant removed restrictions on accounts affiliated with the country’s government.

On Monday, Anton Gorelkin, the deputy head of the State Duma committee on information policy, described Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s decision on the matter as a “miracle.” He noted that users were now once again free to read posts published by the Kremlin, Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Moscow’s embassies abroad and other state institutions.

With regard to the platform’s new policies, he went on to suggest that it was “high time” to reconsider the ban on Twitter in Russia, where the site has been blocked since last spring.

“If the social network seeks neutrality, we should resume dialogue with it and continue working within the framework of Russian law,” he wrote on Telegram. According to the MP, Twitter may once again become a convenient platform for Russian officials to explain Moscow’s view on global affairs to Western audiences.

I was in favor of them initially blocking Twitter along with all the other Jewish social media sites. That was before Musk took over Twitter and began making tangible improvements to the service.

While the site isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it is vastly superior to how it operated under the previous regime. The Russians should now be able to put out their views and perspectives to a larger audience without being blacklisted, censored etc.. They could at least counter all the pro-US/NATO shills and bots. Take in point all those NAFO cocksuckers that express their gay love for the evil Jew government in the Ukraine.

I’ve actually been thinking about going back on Twitter for awhile, but my original Twitter account was never reinstated. I also feel as if you are still limited as to what you can say on there. Other people like Ye, Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes are still banned and the rules aren’t really clear.

That’s why I decided to continue posting random things on Gab from time to time. I can at least express my thoughts unfiltered on there.