So all of a sudden Republicans are being tough guys about Mexico and want to send the military down there to take out drug cartels.


US Republicans are increasingly warming to the idea of waging war against Mexico’s powerful drug cartels, according to Politico, which spoke to several lawmakers in the party about the controversial idea.

Former president Donald Trump is eager to send “special forces” south of the border to take out the cartels, according to Rolling Stone, whose sources claimed the 2024 Republican frontrunner was asking for “battle plans” to engage traffickers. Trump, they said, has been complaining about “missed opportunities of his first term” and is surrounded by people “who want fewer missed opportunities in a second Trump presidency.”

But the ex-president is far from alone inside his party. Republican congressmen Dan Crenshaw and Mike Waltz are pushing legislation that would seek an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) targeting the cartels, accusing them of “turning Mexico into a failed narco-state.”

I remember when Donald Trump was President, the media claimed that such a thing was not even remotely possible. They even said that soldiers don’t want to be defending the US border and that they’d prefer to be fighting stupid wars for Jews in the Middle East. It was considered insane and the idea of a border wall was declared even more insane.

Make no mistake about it, these people don’t care about drug cartels, illegal aliens etc.. They are talking about doing something down in Mexico only because Mexico has been criticizing the fools in Washington DC. They have also been talking about joining BRICS. So all this talk about sending the military down there is about defending the failing dollar system and using the drug cartels as an excuse to do that.


We wouldn’t have a fraction of the problems on the border with Mexico if illegals weren’t being given free shit upon their arrival. Same with drugs if we had a completed physical barrier and robust border controls. These things could have easily been done for a fraction of the money that has been wasted in the Ukraine.

It’s all so stupid, but sure, go ahead and invade Mexico. It’s at least less stupid than doing a war with China.

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