Nancy Pelosi was in New York City to do a speaking appearance with the Jew midget Robert Reich. During the event she was repeatedly called out as a sad old drunk, a warmonger and other names by anti-war protesters. The footage is funny.



The worst part about it was seeing all these senile boomer morons in the audience acting outraged at the people calling out Pelosi for her criminality. The reason why this country has failed is because of people like this. I mean, these people literally came to see Pelosi speak because they support her insane political policies. These are some seriously brain damaged people who believe every lie that is fed to them.

Either way, it is about time anti-war people confronted corrupt evil pieces of shit like Pelosi. We are on the brink of a nuclear conflict because of her and others like her.

Back in the 2000s there were anti-war protests against the Iraq War. Unfortunately, those protests stopped after the homosexual monkey Barry Obama became President.

Considering the way things are, you’d think there’d be more anti-war protests. But maybe people are so blackpilled the vast majority of people just don’t give a shit any longer. I mean, you could easily argue that a nuclear war would be preferable to having all this demonic faggot and child tranny shit continue.

Comment:  To me the people cheering Pelosi on look predominantly JEWISH who love wars for money and Killing the Goyim  aka as The Synagogue of Satan/Canaanites/Satan Worshippers/Edomites.