Israel has a big problem on their hands. The world no longer fears their American golem and countries surrounding them are moving away from the United States and closer to Russia and China. There are also reports that Turkey is upset at Israel’s recent actions and is calling for all Moslems to unite against them.



The Jews have painted themselves into a corner. They’ve weakened the West with their usury scams, stupid wars and gay anal agendas. So as a result, the West will not have the capabilities or the resources to come to their rescue.

The only reason the Moslems didn’t totally destroy Israel decades earlier is because the West bailed them out with military aid. If the Moslems can all get on the same page, they could in theory destroy the Zionist state and liberate the Palestinians.

Time will only tell if this will happen, but there is no question that Israel’s position on the world stage is becoming increasingly precarious. They don’t have any real friends in the world and this will be more and more obvious the weaker America gets.