RFK Jr. was interviewed by ABC News and ABC News took it upon themselves to censor the part of the interview when he commented on the COVID-19 fake vaccine products.


This may have been illegal. Unfortunately, the law effectively means nothing because everything is subjectively enforced by this corrupt Jew government. Even still, it is something worth talking about because it shows how ridiculous everything has become.


Regardless of the legality involved, it is simply outrageous that a major network of any kind would do this to any presidential candidate or politician.

It is notable that they chose to do this to RFK Jr., but have never done this to Joe Biden or other politicians who regularly lie about all sorts of things.

I’m not even aware of a time in which a network did something like this. While I could be wrong, I definitely don’t remember them doing it to Donald Trump even though he was widely despised by all the big media operations. This could actually be the first time that this type of thing has happened.

Comment:  The Crime Syndicate running the Media/Warmonger Politicians & Presidents/Judicial System & Foreign Policy cares nothing about laws or morals.  Take a look at the Feature Picture.  This is typical of the lies they tell the American Public to get the U.S. into immoral, illegal wars.  Secret Society Satanists RUN OUR MEDIA AND ARE INVOLVED IN CHILD TRAFFICKING, ADRENOCHROME TRAFFICKING, WRITE THE PAYCHECKS FOR HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS, WARMONGER, PUSH WOKE AGENDAS (SATANISM LITE), AND ARE INVOLVED IN EVERYTHING EVIL IMAGINABLE.  THESE EVIL SATANISTS PORTRAY VICIOUS PSYCHOPATHS AS GREAT HUMANITARIANS LIKE BILL/KILL GATES.