The Synagogue of Satan Controls ALL Secret Societies & Monarchy

How the Jesuits Control Politics #Transvestigation

Comment:  The Jesuits are a Secret Society Within Themselves and work with Royals (Monarchies.)

When you start to research the Jesuits you realize how much of your life has been controlled. What you believe and know as “truth” has been created for you. Your entire life is walking their fine line whether you realize it or not. Their ability to achieve their goals is evident throughout history as their plans come closer to completion every year.

The evil History of the Jesuits
The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!


As you dive into their history and actions you might start to wonder why congress or politicians don’t fight back. Why they have never done anything to get rid of them… until you realize how deep it really goes.



I really don’t even have to say anything else. Put two and two together… Jesuits and Catholic Church are known for starting child orphanages on islands. Politicians are cross dressing free masons.. The Jesuits are known for being pedophiles, drug trafficking, ect. So when you connect these dots what are you left with? Many children who are abused sexually as children have gender dysphoria as they grow up. Living inside this sick system that was created for them. Who would speak out from the political hierarchy, and which experts in history or science would speak out? They are all in on it with a life of pain below their belt. The Vatican is like the Umbrella corporation using childhood trauma and abuse to shape their future puppets. It’s time to wake up!

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Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!
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