Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad is in Moscow holding talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


It will be interesting to see what comes out of these talks.

The West is rapidly losing influence over the Middle East. Many of the Arab states are actually opening diplomatic channels with Syria. You also have China brokering a major peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Russia is obviously going to play a significant role in this transformation considering their friendship with Syria and good diplomatic relations with Iran.

Plus, the people in the Middle East are definitely not on board with all the homosexual and tranny shit that the West has been trying to force on them.

The United States still occupies a significant part of Syria which just happens to be one of the most oil rich parts of the country. No doubt Putin and Assad will be talking about this and other important issues.

The US Congress recently voted across both parties to maintain this illegal military presence inside of Syria. This despite the fact that it is against the rules of the very rules-based order they claim to defend.


We might get to a point where the Russians, Iranians and Syrians form a joint alliance that will force them out. Of course, the ZOG empire with its economic problems might just collapse before then making it impossible for them to sustain this illegal and unjustifiavble military presence.