So what’s this? Israeli Jews managed to get $1 billion out of Silicon Valley Bank before it collapsed and was taken over by regulators. Imagine my shock.


The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has created an opportunity for banks in Israel to help companies that held deposits and credit with the U.S. bank.

LeumiTech, Bank Leumi’s banking arm focused on the high-tech industry, has announced that over the past few days, its teams have been able to help clients transfer to Israel approximately $1 billion dollars that was held in the collapsed bank. They also announced that they would increase the amount of credit available to high-tech companies that have lost access to their credit lines and are desperate for liquidity following the SVB debacle.

Seems like these Jews get away with everything.

This will not be the case much longer though. The empire they took over through subversion and fraud is falling apart. Their power is waning rapidly and there is an increasing awareness of the evil they’re involved in around the world.