The Jewish Anti-Defamation League put out an interesting tweet the other day. They claimed Donald Trump was being anti-Semitic for talking about removing warmongers, globalists and communists.


Trump did not mention Jews, so it is interesting that the ADL would claim his remarks were anti-Semitic. By doing this, the ADL effectively admitted that warmongering, globalism and communism are all Jewish in nature.

A number of people picked up on this.




The Jews are now just actively exposing themselves. Their old tricks aren’t working and they are actually becoming counterproductive to their cause. They used to be able to shut down criticism of their behavior by labeling people who did this anti-Semites. This tactic has been failing miserably for some time now but they have no plan B and continue to double down on it.

The fact that Mindy Robinson and other MAGA people are taking notice of this is proof of it. As things get increasingly worse, more and more people will understand that all of the things they dislike are the result of Jews.