Helga LaRouche Listed as a Satanic Mind Control Programmer (Page 523); She is An Agent of the Satanic Cabal.


May 26 Conference Invitation - Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Schiller Institute Founder - YouTube

Pictured is an evil, Greedy Mind Control Programmer Masquerading as a Humanitarian.  Angie Jolie & Bill Gates also masquerade as Humanitarians.  Bill Gates has mass murdered millions with his Vaccines and Angie promotes anything the Satanic cabal wants such as Transgenderism, Mask Wearing, Gays, Satanism as great and goes to Satanic Rituals as in the youtube video where she says so herself admitting to murdering a snake.  This woman was born into the Cabal and programmed at an early age by the CIA and she is their ASS-et or operative.  She is also a Psychopath as all these programmers and handlers are psychopaths.

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