JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Taking water out of the gaseous state is logically the next step to using scientific principles to generate fresh, clean water with no minerals or preservatives added.

With the use of science, one CEO has created a machine that captures all of the condensation out of the air and produces thousands of gallons of water per day. Each machine weighs approximately 1,800 to 2,500 pounds and can produce 1,500 gallons or more of water, depending on its size.

“Moses West is an army ranger who got out of the military. He developed this technology for the military. When you see the military going all over the world, they don’t bring bottles of water with them. They produce it from the air that’s on location. This technology can be used here in Jackson, Mississippi. Especially in emergency situations, instead of having thousands of bottles of water. We’ve distributed 11 million both of water over the last couple of weeks. This is better for the environment and more sustainable,” said State Rep. De’Keither Stamps.

“If we can take a human being and put them on the moon, if we can put a rover on Mars and control it from here and let it drive around, we can surely build a machine and take water out of the atmosphere. Right now, every neighborhood in the United States that’s in the Southern Hemisphere that’s hot and humid, there’s absolutely no reason why you should not be producing or could not be producing your own water. The best way for me to say it or show you is by doing. All I have to do is secretly kind of reach over here. That’s water out of the Mississippi air,” said Moses West, founder of AWG Contracting LLC.

Representatives are pushing to have the machines manufactured in Mississippi. The labor would provide job opportunities for the state and help during emergencies such as natural disasters and a water crisis.