Cathy O’Brien, CIA, Exposed a Lot; This is What She Didn’t Expose-ADRENOCHROME & Endocrine Chemicals Being Used For Programming & the Real Meaning of MKULTRA

Cathy was not exposing the Endocrine drugs or the torture programming and how it works, torture while feeding the person comments they want the person to avoid or dislike and then switching to sexual stimulation and comments made to the person of things they want the victim to like and enjoy.  She doesn’t expose these things and it may be because she is now working for one side of a two headed coin to keep the truth hidden. [CIA]

Comment:  She has been a great Whistleblower on what she did expose which was the insane power of the Deep State and CIA Monarch program.  Likely she came out as a Whistleblower b/c of John DeCamp’s Lawsuit on behalf of Bonacci which was putting the Monarch program in the public eye.  Cathy was Allowed to come out to control the Narrative.  Which she did and does.  Nobody mentions ADRENOCHROME at her talks while her audience listens in rapt attention and she has entirely OMITTED the CIA PLATFORM of Monarch and MKULTRA Programming Being around Sexual Stimulation and Sexual Torture.  All Hollywood Stars are Sexually Programmed and I believe our politicians are as well long before they are placed in position to represent We the People.  Think of it this way:  #1 A List Stars Are sexually programmed to sexually service Billionaires and Politicians which they do which is why you are always seeing Hollywood Stars (Lots of Cabal Members & Slaves) with Billionaires (Cabal members).  Billionaires are sexually programmed to be Sadistic b/c they are in charge of public programs and finance them.  The cabal wants them loyal ONLY to the cabal and not the people programming them to be sadistic to people.  Think of Tarantino’s movies:  The Hostel based on true stories.  It’s all about kidnapping people so super wealthy people can indulge their sadistic fantasies of torturing people to death.   Politicians have been programmed to be Pedophiles before being promoted into their respective positions by the same Cabal.  A Programmed Pedophile is a Controlled Politician as the Cabal CIA runs the Monarch Sex Slave boys to our Politicians to perform the Prostitution services the Cabal Politicians have been programmed to desire.


Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations

This is the REAL meaning of MKULTRA which Cathy O’Brien does not mention.  MKULTRA is a military acronym for in short a KILLER.  Cathy O’Brien is not a Killer;  therefore she is not an MKULTRA.  It seems more and more that she was put into circuit to muddy the waters so when and if a REAL MKULTRA came forward the waters would be sufficiently muddied for the real MKULTRA(S) to not be believed as Cathy would have many loyal followers by then.  Get the Picture?


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