Banking Collapse Has Begun

Wells Fargo Customers Report Missing Transactions


On top of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Wells Fargo is another bank that could be in trouble. Customers were reporting missing transactions and other account access problems.


They’re claiming it is just a glitch.


Quite a coincidence that this so-called glitch happens on the same day of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

I would be very concerned if I were a customer of Wells Fargo. Hell, I’d be very concerned if I had any significant amount of money in any American bank. You shouldn’t count on the FDIC saving you either.


If you have widespread bank failures, the FDIC will not be able to cover everyone’s losses. It just won’t be mathematically possible.

Signature Bank Collapses


Signature Bank has just collapsed.


The Jew liar Jim Cramer was actually recommending it on television last year.


Coinbase had a substantial balance with Signature Bank which can’t be good for them.


Signature Bank was an organization the Jew Barney Faggot was tied to.


This is obviously not good if you are a fan of the Jewish bank systm. The collapse of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank is causing all sorts of problems throughout the sector.

It is late and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to look the news today. I will however try to be up early tomorrow to analyze the shit show that is inevitably going to occur tomorrow.

Russia Strikes the Ukraine With Slew of Hypersonic Missiles


Russia hit Ukrainian infrastructure with a bunch of hypersonic missiles last night. The missiles targeted the Ukraine’s energy and power infrastructure.



John Kirby the Pentagon’s top propagandist is admitting that they have no defense to counter Russia’s hypersonic missiles.


Even with this and the events on the ground, the Jewish media keeps claiming that things aren’t as bad for the Ukrainian side as they are.

What’s crazy is that the Russians decided not to do their major ground invasion yet. February would have been an ideal time to do this due to the ground being frozen, but I guess they felt it would be better to slowly bleed the Ukrainians and the West dry before they do their major ground invasion.

The Ukrainians are losing this war even with unlimited assistance from the West. It will be interesting to see what happens when these Jews are finally forced to face the realities of their failed strategy. One can only imagine what loads of bullshit they’ll come up with to justify this indefensible fiasco.

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