Why the Rothschilds Want WW3 With Russia

The way I understand it so far. Basic timeline.
Comment:  Pictured are Rockefeller & Jacob Rothschild.  They are CRIMINALS.  Rockefeller was behind the Czar of Russia being murdered and murdering his whole family.  Rockefeller also funded the totally Satanic MKULTRA program to create Assassin Slaves with Split Minds who had no control over what they were forced to do.   They are as evil as they are Devious.


Hitler’s Germany couldn’t stop the Rothschilds. Germany was destroyed.

The US/US Military is owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Crime Syndicate. This Criminal Syndicate and all its subsidiaries need Russian Energy to survive and to make their version of a World Government that they have wanted and planned since before 1946.

The US government put to Stalin the final plan, known as The Baruch Plan, drafted by Bernard Baruch & David Lilienthal, both Jews.

Stalin got cold feet – he’d noticed the Jewish campaign to have a Jewish republic within the USSR, created in the Crimea: sudoplat.html. What unnerved him especially was that AMERICAN Jews, with their huge financial power, would be involved, and he felt that the USSR would lose control.


Putin stopped the Rothschild/Rockefeller from stealing Russian energy.

After taking office in 1999, Vladimir Putin, a nationalist with a long career in Russian intelligence, faced the daunting task of trying to undo, or at least limit, the damage that the criminal cronies of Yeltsin and their foreign partners had done to Russia. During the early period of privatization in the 90s, the Rothschilds organized a secret society of seven Russian oligarchs that entirely controlled Boris Yeltsin’s administration. 2003
A defining event in Russian energy geopolitics took place in 2003. Just as Washington had taken over Iraq, Putin ordered the spectacular arrest of Russia’s billionaire oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky – or MK, on charges of tax evasion. Putin then froze shares of Khodorkovsky’s giant Yukos Oil group, putting it under state control. What triggered Putin’s dramatic action? Putin discovered Mikhail Khodorkovsky was working for Jacob Rothschild. He was a secret Rothschild front. All of these oligarchs were Rothschild fronts. The secret society included the following oligarchs: Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Vladimir Gusinsky, Vladimir Potanin, and Alexander Smolensky. They all worked for the Rothschilds – or London – and more specifically, for Jacob Rothschild. Putin takes these criminal oligarchs out of business and they flee from Russia.
Rockefeller Pandemic Psyop – to begin to forge a world government in the West using their MSM/WEF/UN agents. All the Rothschild/Rockefeller Syndicate needs now is control of Russia’s massive energy reserves, massive GMO-free wheat production, and Russia’s massive diamond mind production, and the rest of the world will fall in line.
The control of energy – globally – by the Big Four oil companies of the 2 biggest crime families, Chevron and Exxon (Rockefeller), and BP and Shell, Big Pharma (Rothschild) – is the cornerstone of their global strategy control for world government.

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