How Cabal Controls Those Who Influence…..Programming Them to Be Pedophiles & Supplying Them With Their Drug-Child Honeypots!

From Deep State Sources:  “Those with influence so for example somebody is gaining a big influence in social media, they end up being compromised and become part of the group.”

How It’s Done:

The Cabal has “Honeypots.”

Honey pots are children when they are introduced to sexual stimulation and then used for the monarchs (Sex Slaves) etc.  Honey pots are also created from an early age so they are able to have sex where a normal female child is too small to penetrate without harming them. They created honey pots using small sex toys on them at an early age.

Celebs generally put their children through sexual programming to be gay.  Studios and Celebs Agree on this.  Celebs are always worried about some person becoming pregnant and making financial demands of them so being gay is self protection from financial demands. This is why the Stars are programmed to be gay before becoming a star and why there are so many gays in Hollywood.  They are programmed to be gay.  The children are part of the contract for Hollywood Stars.  Even the straight appearing stars are gays.  They are married to Beards or straight actresses masquerading as a wife.  My source says All A List Male Hollywood Stars are GAY.  ALL.  Once they have children the public will believe “They Can’t Possibly Be Gay;  He has children!”  Well Surrogates and test tube babies make anything possible.

Angie Jolie who I believe was taught about sex at a very early age:  “I was a member of a group called the Kissy Girls. I was very sexual in kindergarten. I created a game where I would kiss the boys and give them cooties. Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off. I got in a lot of trouble!” Comment:  Bill Day, Photojournalist, who moved in with Angie’s Mother was allegedly arrested for Pedophilia in Asia.  Maybe he taught Angie Sexual Behaviors?


For a person to become a person of influence the CABAL makes it Mandatory to have control over them as the Cabal spends millions to make a person of influence famous and to promote them.

This is an example of Sexual Programming.

For sexual programming they just need to plant a subconscious desire then supply a honey pot for them to have sex with.  This is done with drugs, hypnosis, and sexual programming.  The cabal realizes the sex drive is one of the strongest drives and uses this knowledge for their benefit.

Sexual programming can be done in a hypnotist’s office, military base or basically anywhere.  Generally it is done in an office type setting with a bed in it.  Think of a Doctor’s office.  (A person can be programmed to desire children or to fell Pain is Pleasure or to Sadistically enjoy inflicting pain on another which involves torturing one in front of the other being programmed while sexually stimulating the person being programmed.)

Sexual programming has been done to Politicians in office (the MAJORITY of them) and virtually all top Celebrities as well as Social Influencers:  Talking Heads, Anchors, even Judges and ALL Members of Secret Societies.  These people are picked and programmed LONG BEFORE they become influential in general as CABAL loves CONTROL.  This is the reason we see such a proliferation of pedophiles at the TOP.  The System is Structured this way.  In the case of a rising star the cabal has not had control over the person will be highjacked.  First the person will be invited to a party and drugged then later put into a compromising position with a Honeypot, filmed and blackmailed.  CIA’s programming Pedophiles are NEVER prosecuted.  The Cabal compromised Asset will now promote ONLY Cabal Agendas.




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