Brainwashed NFL Player DIES From the Jab He Promoted

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(LifeSiteNews) — A professional football player who argued that refusing COVID jabs should be illegal has died suddenly.  

38-year-old Uche Nwaneri, who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the National Football League (NFL) and called for the imprisonment of those who refused to take the COVID-19 vaccines, was found dead in his wife’s home in Lafayette, Indiana on December 30.  

Nwaneri was found “unresponsive in a bedroom” by his wife at “about 1 a.m. Friday,” according to a local news report. An initial autopsy report “indicated there were no signs of foul play” and that “preliminary results indicate a possible heart attack, pending toxicology results.” 

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The athlete played college football at Purdue University before spending seven seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nwaneri advocated for vaccine mandates, exaggerating the danger of COVID-19 for children and suggesting that those who refused the shots should be thrown in jail. 

“Ok so let’s get these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports up and running ASAP,” the football player said in a September 2021 Twitter post. “We seeing children DIE daily from the unvaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women at risk too. PROTECT LIFE. MANDATE THE VACCINE. Jail anyone who refuses, to protect LIFE.”


Nwaneri also criticized pro-lifers for responding to mask recommendations with the pro-abortion slogan “my body, my choice,” expressing his view that protecting the unborn is “a bunch of men” controlling women’s bodies.  


Nwaneri’s death is the latest in an alarming trend of sudden deaths among athletes, coinciding with the rollout of the COVID vaccines and raising suspicion that the shots led to heart failure among young athletes. In April 2022, Dr. Joseph Mercola pointed out that over 700 athletes “collapsed on the field during a game from March 2021 to March 2022.” The average age of those who experienced heart-related trauma was 23. 

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Similarly, a surge in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) over the past two years has led many to question the role of the shots in the unexpected deaths of healthy adults.  

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