How Angie Jolie Does Not Save the Children

Recent arrests and indictments in the US have shone a spotlight on certain charitable organisations with links to the UN. It is my understanding that such official investigations will ultimately expose serious crimes against children within practically all major international charities and associated governmental institutions involved with the care of children, including social services.

Comment:  Angelina Jolie has worked with and supported the Pedophile loving Organization the United Nations for Over 2 DECADES.  She also rented the pedophile SINGER’s mansion to help him out.  Angie Jolie as part of the PEDOPHILE ESTABLISHMENT COVERS UP Pedophile Abuse of Children at the United Nations where she hypocritically talks about refugees while ignoring children being sadistically abused by her colleagues.  She also made sure Singer got large rent payments when he needed the money to defend himself from numerous accusations of rape.  She serves the Satanic British Empire even being awarded DAME by them for her service to them against us all.  The British Empire for whom Angie Jolie works is the Pedophile INFESTED Satanic Empire.  Only the SCUM rise to the top which doesn’t say much for Angie.

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