Ye was briefly let back on Instagram but has been re-suspended for 30 days after criticizing the Jew Ari Emanuel. Emanuel literally wrote an op-ed urging businesses to boycott Ye because he dared to get uppity and say accurate things about Jews. Ye simply responded to the Jew slave owner who views all blacks as niggers and as his personal property.


Ye asked Emanuel why Jews conspired to close his Christian school and why Jews like him were actively conspiring to destroy him.

Ye’s post was not remotely hateful. He is merely responding to he abuse that he has been forced to suffer from evil Jews like Emanuel.

Instagram is owned by Meta and Meta is run by the Jew Mark Zuckerberg. So once again we see how Jews are showing their power by shutting down someone who is merely criticizing their behavior.

It’s totally ridiculous. We need an open conversation about these Jews and all the ill-gotten power they have obtained. This situation can’t continue forever.