Does Uncle Sam Want Ukrainians to Be Slaughtered?

Video: Russia’s De-militarization of Ukraine Continues. US Sending Decades-Old Arms to Kiev

Comment:  These arms probably don’t even work.  Couple this with Ukrainians being slaughtered by Russians about 9 to 1 and I think the U.S./British Empire wants ALL ETHNIC Ukrainians Slaughtered!

In-depth Report: 


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Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 11, 2022:

  • Russia completes withdrawal from Kherson city to east bank of the Dnieper River;
  • Ukraine has lost its last major opportunity to corner and destroy/capture large numbers of Russian forces/equipment;
  • Russia continues stated process of de-militarizing Ukraine;
  • US aid to Ukraine becomes increasingly unrealistic
  • Hawk missiles designed in the 1960s and unused for 2 decades are being “refurbished” for a lack of better options;
  • “Avenger” systems to be sent in small numbers (4) which are essentially Stinger missiles attached to a Hummer – after training for Ukrainian operators is completed;
  • Dwindling amounts of basic ammunition continue to be sent to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict, but not in quantities to even allow Ukraine to hold what it has;
  • As Russian forces withdrew from Kherson city, they advanced elsewhere in southern and northern Donbass.


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Brian Joseph Thomas Berletic, is an ex- US Marine Corps independent geopolitical researcher and writer based in Bangkok


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