Pop star Aaron Carter who rose to fame as a child in the Jewish music industry back in the late 1990s was suspiciously found dead in a bathtub. He was only 34-years-old.


He looked like he was having all sorts of problems as an adult. He got weird face tattoos and had a variety of drug problems. This was probably a coping mechanism stemming from the Jews doing all sorts of horrible things to him.

Dead Jew scumbag Lou Pearlman who is now in hell as we speak.

His music career was managed by the now dead Jew scammer Lou Pearlman. Outside of Pearlman, one can only imagine how many negative interactions Carter had as a child with Jews. He was undoubtedly sexually abused by these kikes.

Prior to this death, Carter did mention how he was sexually abused as a child. Many child stars who are given fame by the Jewish entertainment industry have had horrible things done to them.

I think it is safe to say that the Jews destroyed him as a person.

This is how he looked in 1997.

Weirdly enough, this was his last tweet. He wanted to talk to Ye man to man.


He likely wanted to talk to Ye about the abuse he suffered from these Jews. Obviously, he can’t do that now that he is dead.

This whole situation is very strange and you are going to have a hard time convincing me that the Jews didn’t just kill him. It’s difficult to believe that this is all some sort of coincidence.

There’s not a whole lot of information about his death yet but we’ll see what comes out.

Comment:  My gut feeling was Aaron Carter was going to give YE serious DIRT which the Controllers of the Industry (“Jews” or more accurately Satanists) didn’t want out so they offed him as they normally Off Whistleblowers.  It could be a VAXX death too as entertainers are required to take the vaxx to continue performing.  Any entertainer who wants to Break from Jewish Propaganda becomes a HUGE target cuz that is what his controllers are paying him for-Propaganda.