FalconsCAFE ~ Sharing is saving lives

IITM: Well people… have a look at this graph… when does this start to be a major issue of national security and military security? Furthermore… WHO APPROVED THIS AND WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE STEPS TO TAKE TO ENSURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN? AND ONE MORE, WHAT IS BEING DONE NOW TO DEAL WITH WHAT IS SURELY ONE OF THE GREATEST CRISISES THE US MILITARY HAS EVER SEEN!!

Now ask yourself… what about recruitment of new personnel? If half the population has been jabbed, who is going to pass the grueling health tests and training??? Let’s answer that here: the unjabbed.

This is NOT an issue that is going to go away for awhile and quite frankly, needs to be a hot topic across society… for too long society has just assumed the military does it’s thing and no one has to think too hard about it… but now, the military needs the public’s support more than ever. Keep that process going by becoming more aware and helping to educate others.