Diane Sare Runs For Congress

Why I’m Running

My name is Diane Sare, and I am running as a LaRouche Independent candidate versus the favorite son of Wall Street, whose loyalties lie not with the people of the United States but who serves big money, big tech, big pharma and the British Empire, namely Chuck Schumer. I am running as an independent because, as George Washington warned in his Farewell Address, the party system has failed to serve the needs of the people of this Republic. Both parties have become slaves of the same interests which own Senator Schumer. I intend to lead this nation in a new direction, in keeping with the Preamble of our carefully conceived, and hard fought, United States Constitution, which says that all policy must promote the General Welfare of all people, not the monied class whom Chuck Schumer serves.

I am running, as that great New Yorker Franklin Roosevelt once ran for President, against the interests of Wall Street, and for a new deal for the people of this state and country — not the murderous bank bailout scheme known as the “Green New Deal” which Schumer supports, but for a just, new world economic order that refuses to place a monetary value on human life.

What Qualifies Me

I believe I am uniquely qualified to fight for the true interests of the people of our state and nation because, besides being a political leader, I am a trained classical musician. I was the founder and co-director of the Schiller Institute New York City Chorus which has included hundreds of New Yorkers over the last 6 years. Our most profound contribution to the culture of the region was a series of performances of the Mozart Requiem in 2016, memorializing the 15th anniversary of 9/11. My experience in organizing and leading such a chorus, comprised of many different people from all age groups and walks of life, gives me the experience needed to organize a political chorus to fulfill our nation’s mission to “form a more perfect union,” as defined by our Constitution, where classical culture will play a crucial part.

Most importantly, I have stood side by side with the greatest American of the last century, the statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, until his passing in 2019, fighting for the same principles that our Founding Fathers cherished and fought for against the enemy from whom we won our independence; the British Empire. This puts me in opposition to Schumer and his seditious sponsors from Wall Street.

From Lyndon LaRouche I have gained an understanding of the science of physical economy, which is powered by the creativity of the individual human mind. LaRouche’s work in this area was an advance on the work of another great New Yorker, Alexander Hamilton, whose writings on “the subject of manufactures,” “public credit,” and the “national bank” should be staples of any high school history or civics class, but with which most Americans are unfamiliar, and which Schumer and his monetarist sponsors on Wall Street reject.

A Conjunctural Crisis

I am running for U.S. Senate in 2022 because our nation and the world are at a very dangerous conjuncture. The world has recently surpassed 3 million deaths from COVID-19, with more than 575,000 in our nation alone. Meanwhile, according to David Beasley of the World Food Program, 270 million people are threatened with death by starvation this year, if food resources are not mobilized in time. The great powers–China, Russia, India, and the United States–must come together in a plan of coordinated action, not only for equitable availability of appropriate medicine, but for the eradication of poverty which creates the conditions for any disease to become a pandemic.

Instead of welcoming such cooperation, the Biden Administration is continuing the reprehensible foreign policy orientation of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who seemed to get most of his ideas from former President Barack Obama, who never met a war he didn’t like, or a village whose innocent civilians he didn’t want to murder with drone attacks. President Trump drew the ire of the British Intelligence Services, and what he correctly identified as the “military industrial complex.” in this country for his initial commitment to have “good relations” with Russia, China, and even North Korea–all of which was derailed by the witch hunt against him, including the very damaging, phony “Russia-gate” investigation, for which Schumer was a ringleader.

A Change of Direction

A total change of direction is needed, immediately, if the very real potential for general thermonuclear war is to be averted.

The first step to restoring the sovereignty and integrity of our Republic is to crush Wall Street and liberate ourselves, finally, from the City of London and the British imperial monetarist system. This means convening a summit of at least the United States, Russia, and China, perhaps India, to put the entire global financial system through an orderly bankruptcy reorganization. The world must return to a fixed exchange rate, gold reserve-based monetary system, which was abandoned by Wall Street and Nixon back in 1971. This will facilitate long term lending for great projects, as China is currently engaged in building through its Belt and Road Initiative.

In the United States, the Glass-Steagall Act must be reinstated, which will separate and isolate the legitimate functions of banking from the speculation of of Wall Street; this has to be done, while we put our banking system through a bankruptcy reorganization as FDR did in the very first days of his administration. But these actions can never take place unless we finally do away with the privately-run, unconstitutional Federal Reserve, and establish a national bank that will issue trillions of dollars in directed credit, not to inflate a bubble of fictitious waste, but directed to fund those endeavors which increase the real productivity of the American workforce.

Hold Schumer Accountable

If we were to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative, it would require modernizing all of our ports and port cities, while building about 43,000 miles of modern high speed rail. We need nuclear power, and plenty of clean, coal fired plants, as we transition in the next decades to energy from fusion power. We must dramatically upgrade our public schools, as well as establish large apprenticeship programs to create a skilled workforce capable of building this new future for our people and the world. Our labor unions and military veterans will both be important to provide leadership and training to a young generation eager to be given a purpose and a chance for a decent life.

I demand that we prosecute the financiers who have put their own personal greed ahead of the well being of millions of people, by rigging the markets, and the interest rates, laundering drug money, financing terrorism and human trafficking, and all similar crimes, which are run today on such a massive scale that it is impossible that the perpetrators are unknown. And, if it is found that Chuck Schumer has helped to cover up for these crimes by turning a blind eye, then he too should be prosecuted, and frog-marched to jail where he can enjoy his retirement.

We cannot afford to wait until after 2022 to address these crises that are on our doorstep today. My campaign for U.S. Senate is a campaign for “Action, and action now!” as FDR once demanded. I would ask all people of good will to join the political chorus for justice, progress and most of all, hope for a decent future for all our citizens.

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