Beware of Dishonest Contractors Like Tidewater Roofing & Construction

Tidewater Roofing & Construction

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Hickory Bend

I had a horrible experience with Tidewater Construction and BTW she doesn’t have a Construction License; She only has a roofing License. I hired her around January 21st, 2021. She left me with a shoddily constructed roof with holes in it, leaking in both bathrooms. When I called her on it and complained along with a man doing work on my house she didn’t want to come back and fix the deficiencies: shingles nailed on rotted wood, cracked beams, holes in roof everywhere, leaking roof, etc. 18 Months Later I need a new roof! Several contractors have pointed out the roof she installed could blow out or cave-in during a bad storm. We are at the peak of hurricane season. Am I safe in my own home? Shingles are buckling and roof is already caved in in several spots. The decking bounces up and down. Ask any legitimate Roofing contractor what this means. The woman is totally dishonest. She called a Fortified Roofing Inspector telling me he was there to inspect the roof and issue a Fortified Roofing Certificate. None was issued because he never got the pictures/paperwork from Vanessa Smith to Issue a Fortified Roofing Certificate after many requests for them. She is incompetent, dishonest and her roof does not comply with code requirements. Thanks to Vanessa Smith, Tidewater “Construction” LLC my roof has now cost $30,000 plus. It should have cost no more than $16,000 tops for a very expensive roof. BUYER BEWARE! She is in my opinion a PSYCHOPATH.

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