Why Is a Detective Who Rapes Little Boys Allowed to Handle Sex Crimes For Years???? Why Isn’t the Murder of a Young Teen Being Investigated??

Second alleged victim comes forward saying former NOPD sex crimes detective raped him

Stanley Burkhardt (WVUE)
Stanley Burkhardt (WVUE)(WVUE)
Updated: Oct. 22, 2018 at 2:10 PM PDT
NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – There is new information in our TV exclusive with a second man who has come forward saying the former lead detective of the NOPD’s pedophile unit raped him when he was boy and showed him pictures of dead children to intimidate him.

New Orleans police have confirmed the department is investigating new sexual assault allegations against former detective and convicted pedophile Stanley Burkhardt.

“He just doesn’t need to be on the streets, he’s a dangerous, dangerous person,” said alleged victim Vic Groomer.

Groomer says he met with NOPD detectives Monday as part of their ongoing investigation into Burkhardt. Groomer says he first met Burkhardt when the former sex crimes detective moved into the Bayou St. John apartment complex that his parent’s managed.

“Stanley Burkhardt was one of the police officers that lived in the building. I believe they were paid or had reduced rent to work a detail. I think there was about 10 of them that did that,” said Groomer.

Groomer says he and Burkhardt’s nephews would play, and it seemed innocent enough.

“We would play together. That would get me in his apartment. He would have his nephews there, so it would be okay to go run into the apartment,” said Groomer. “That friendship thing went on for months, like, kind of taking me in as just another kid, and then eventually his nephews wouldn’t be there.”

That’s when Groomer says the sexual abuse started. He was just 8 years old. Groomer says Burkhardt repeatedly raped him in the early 1970s. He recalls terrifying memories that he’s tried to forget.

“He would point, you know, guns at you , click , click, you know, pull the trigger. He would point the gun at himself, put the gun to his head,” said Groomer.

Groomer says he only recently told his family what happened to him as a little boy. He came forward after seeing Richard Windmann’s story publicized.

“Someone shared with me on Facebook, shared that article with me, that link. It rocked my world. It dropped me, it knocked me back,” said Groomer. “To see Richard Windmann’s story and to see his picture – to see another human being that was molested by the same guy, it set a lot in motion.”

Windmann had already told us Burkhardt raped him in the 1970s and threatened him with a picture of a dead teen named Eddie when he refused to listen.

According to a 1982 Times-Picayune States-Item article, the body of a teen named Edward Wells was found floating in the Mississippi River near the Desire Street wharf. The coroner at the time believed the 17-year-old drowned. But Burkhardt, the detective on the case, told reporter Walt Philbin he was convinced Wells was murdered.

When Groomer recently saw the picture of Wells, he knew he had seen “Eddie” before.

“I was very much like, ‘Holy s*it that’s him, that’s him!’ He was staring at me and I had seen him alive. I knew the face, and I knew what I believe was the whole circle. He was alive, and then I saw him dead,” said Groomer.

Groomer says Burkhardt showed him pictures of dead children to intimidate him, including one he believes was Wells – who was known as “Eddie Dirt.”

“Stanley opened up one of the drawers of his desk and showed me the picture of what I now believe is Eddie. Couldn’t remember the name at the time, but I now believe it,” said Groomer. “The particular picture of what I believe was Eddie was in the grass. To me it looked like a marsh scene. I don’t know if it was on the river bank, but it was near the water.”

Groomer says he has given a statement to New Orleans police about Burkhardt, while Windmann says he’s the victim in a new NOPD sexual assault investigation involving the former detective.

“Looking back at it, he’s an animal, he’s a monster, is the best I can say for him,” said Groomer.

In response to the death of Eddie Wells ,last week the NOPD said: “The incident has not been reclassified as a homicide and, therefore, a suspect has not been named. Investigators are methodically gathering available evidence to determine whether any allegations are credible and can be substantiated.”

Comment:  Sounds Like a Cover-Up.

“It just makes me resolved to try to be a part of helping other people come tell their story, because I know there is more,” Groomer said. “I know without a doubt in my mind that there’s more kids out there.”

Burkhardt was eventually removed as the head of the NOPD pedophile unit and was convicted of numerous sex crimes in the 1980s and 1990s. He served time in federal prison but was released in March of 2015. According to an online sex offender registry, he’s now living and working in New Orleans.

We’ve gone to the address listed on Burkhardt’s sex offender registry. A neighbor confirmed he lives there, but we have been unable to reach him for comment.

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Former NOPD Detective and convicted sex offender in federal custody

Updated: Aug. 9, 2019 at 9:57 AM PDT

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) – A former head of the New Orleans Police Department’s Pedophile Unit and convicted sex offender has been arrested by federal authorities.

Stanley Burkhardt was arrested by Louisiana State Police in July after he failed to register as a sex offender in Louisiana. After his arrest, a federal warrant was issued in North Carolina for violating the conditions of his release.

The Louisiana State Police investigation in July uncovered that Burkhardt commented on pictures of young boys on the photo sharing site “Flikr”. The investigation also revealed Burkhardt added 117 pictured of young boys to his favorites list under an email account and under a user name that he did not register with authorities under part of his sex offender status.

In 2011, Burkhardt was certified in a North Carolina Federal Court as a sexually dangerous person but was later released.

Burkhardt previously served time in jail after he was convicted of numerous sex crimes in the 1980s and 1990s. He was released from federal prison in March of 2015.

New accusations against Burkhardt surfaced when Richard Windmann filed a formal complaint with the NOPD stating that Burkhardt sexually abused him during his time as a sex crimes detective with the NOPD. Windmann told police that Burkhardt sexually abused him in the 1970s.

A second victim later came forward with similar complaints against Burkhardt. He told FOX 8 he was first raped by Burkhardt when he was just eight-years old.

Online records show Burkhardt was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail on August 1. Court records directed U.S. Marshals to take Burkhardt to the Federal Correctional Institution facility in Butner, North Carolina to await a hearing.

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Little girl’s body found mutilated

The Thornwood community is enraged after the discovery of the mutilated body of a four-year-old girl.

The Thornwood community in Mariannhill is in shock after  a four-year-old girl’s mutilated body was discovered  in a bush in the area recently.

Anele Jali went missing when she was playing at her neighbour’s house on Saturday 8 March and her body was discovered seven days later.

It is believed that Anele was raped and mutilated.

The gruesome discovery has sparked anger among residents who have united to stand up against crime.

As a result the Thornwood community will be gathering at the community hall to march against child and women abuse.

Ward 15 secretary, Nada Ngcobo said the community will not rest until the person  responsible for this crime is behind bars.

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